A few years packed into 3 minutes

Some highlights from the last few years:

Happy Birthday

So…just how many Unicycles have you broken…lol

Surprisingly none. Just a broken spoke now & then, but better that than bones! :smiley:

Great video terry what do you do to absorb the landing when I drop off stuff it always jars up my back if the cranks don’t land perfect I always land sideways i notice you always make a turn to land straight does this make a softer landing thanks

Happy Birthday Terry!

Thanks for all the great videos, and showing the awesome riding skills.
Keep em rolling.

Thanks Rob. I think that a good high volume tire with the psi adjusted to where it acts like a shock absorber helps a lot, and as you say, by landing in the direction of the drop, ideally with a downslope, helps to distribute the impact as you roll out. I also find that what shoes you wear can make a difference. I like a good thick, firm sole. Also, you want to allow enough room between you and the saddle for necessary knee bend at both launch and landing, allowing your body to naturally bend forward at the waist will also help to distribute the force of impact. Sometimes a rider might stiffen up too much at landing, which can lead to injury and back pain. You want to stay loose and let things flow organically, without overthinking it, but with a sound technique. Like Bruce Lee used to say, “be water my friend”.

Thanks Ken! :smiley:

Thanks terry I shall be like water I think you might have it I’m too stiff I’m that stiff if the cranks move at all on the uneven ground it jars straight up my back its been putting me off a bit Unicyling is a thing you learn on your own but watching your videos has helped me loads over the years keep them coming :+1::+1: