a few street clips of me

there’s a clip of me on my/friends website

the site is www.angelfire.com/ne2/onewaybikes
go to videos, anthony and nate (east campus)

the video is very poor quality

Nice Vid. I really like the bench move where you hop off spin it and hop back on. If you got it a little more fluid it would look amazing.

good job

very nice, i wish i had the balls to try grinding! quite an interesting move there on the bench too. with the footplant spin around twist thing. awesome, had to watch that part a few times


thanks for all the comments

i stole that 360 foot plant 360 unispin from the xavier collos vid

Thanks for leaving out the music. Its really cool to hear the grinding sound.

Nice movie, thanks for sharing.

I believe Tony Melton was the first to do those sorts of variations of the footplant.


Yeah,nice movie.

That 360 foot plant 360 unispin WAS pretty cool.
I completly didnt expect it.

and the pedal grab to rubber to pedal grab was cool to.
Ive been thinking about a trick like that.(if i cuold pedal grab to rubber…)

And the grinds were,of course.cool too…

What kind of uni is that?


but i sometimes use a united 24 inch frame
i can’t decide which i like better

yes very nice video