A few saddle questions...

Hey everyone, what’s up? I’ve got a few questions about saddles… I’ve broken three saddles in the past two months. It’s starting to really bug me… Lately I’ve been riding KH and Nimbus saddles but as they seem fairly quick to break I was considering purchasing two Carbon Fiber seat bases. (one for the muni and one for the trials.) Problem is, I have no clue on how to build the saddle… do I just take the base out of an old saddle and put in the CF base? and is it worth the investment or are there other stronger saddles out there that aren’t so expensive?? I heard something about a SW saddle but I have no clue what that is… heh.
So, yeah. What are your opinions? Thanks!
Peace, Jackie

how they break?

The Cf base replaces the plastic base and the steel reinforcement plate. It needs to be drilled for the seatpost bolts, handle bolts and bumper bolts.

The SW is a saddle made by Scott Wallis, he makes a variety of carbon fibre saddle components which are of the highest quality. The DeRail base would probably be what you need, it already has all the threads in it so no messing around. However they don’t come cheap, and require a new seatpost, i believe either the primo totom pole or the thompson. The result is incredibly light, but at a price and there might be a serious waiting list.

the investment is worth it and yes they are stronger. make sure you get a carbon fiber handle to go with the saddle though otherwise u will break the handle.
the carbon fiber bases dont have holes drilled in them for the bumper, handle, seat post, so you will have to drill holes for them…

A normal KH handle on a KH CF base would be fine. Not many people break handles that I know of.

is the KH CF base different then the standard CF base??

Uniman, how do the handles break?? do they snap off or something??


When you order you specify the KH or Miyata base

Ok, sweet. Thanks everyone!

Oh, sweet. Thanks!