A few requests for interested NYMW riders

Hey guys, it was incredible meeting you this weekend!

I thought you guys were all fantastic people, and was very pleased to have gotten the chance to meet, and to ride with you. I look forward to seeing you next year! (I owe all mine and Leeanne’s warmth and comfort to brian.slater…that man seems to know everything about everything!)

I have a request, for those who may be interested…

I have viewed all the raw footage, but have not yet assembled it into usable footage.

there is as much as I was hoping for…enough for one scene’s worth in the main feature, and for a special feature of the whole event.

I am hoping I might have the following volunteers:

  1. Joe Merrill: Could you please post a list of all the riders who officially attended via registerring.

  2. Those riders, not on Joe’s list who were there, please speak up.

  3. Everyone (riders, not family members) who went, please tell me how far you travelled to get to this event.(please add to the running tally)

  4. I will post a picture/please identify gallery when the footage is compiled, but as I met many people, and cannot remember all names, please tell me who these are: a) Guy with muniac hub who let me ride it, b)redneck in big 4x4, c) purple jersey, black hunter frame guy

  5. I would like the creative writing of two individuals (who will be properly creditted) : a) one who will write up a complete summary (3 or 4 paragraphs…or as much as you want) of the event (picture Mike Fule’s beautiful descriptions of his Coker rides), b) someone who I can send the footage of the special feature to, and can incorporate a brief sentence or two, here and there, during the feature. (this part will be professionally narrataed by Donna Fraser of www.myvoiceworks.com ) (Joel’s mom)

The selected volunteers for 5a and 5b will have their names in the credits, and a free DVD. This is first come, first served, so please respond with ‘I’ll do 5a’, or ‘I’ll do 5b’

Distance Travelled (one way):

Brian MacKenzie: 545 miles
Joel Burgess: 607 miles
Jordan Brown: 607 miles

total miles travelled: 1959 miles

Thanks for all your help, and again, I’m really glad I got to meet y’all, eh?


I’ll do 5A if not beaten to it!


About 380 miles, bringing the total to… 2339 Miles :smiley:

Thanks Evil Nick for doing 5a!

please email me, don’t post here, thanks

brian i sent u my info pm me if you need n e more stuff

uniracer: 90 miles

total:2429 miles

for 5b you just need some one to add some commentary? What would you want said? I think I would like to.

EDIT: I think we SWAT did 180 miles

yeah, just a few sentences (written on your part) to be read by a professional narrator/radio announcer)

for example…a few sentences during the setup clips, a little during the playing around, the first ride, the second ride, that kinda stuff…you’d need the final special feature footage (which i’m on right now) to be seen before writing about it.

just basically to give a running commentary during the clip in addtion to the natural sounds, as opposed to a back ground track (the narrator will not be constantly talking)

I see. I’ll do it.

I’d be happy to as well. But how would we?

Lol and I volunteered by PM. Looks like SWAT really wants that free DVD!

Thanks guys, Tim’s in.

I figure anyone who breaks a seatpost top clear off the post deserves to write a little commentary!

I thought I got weird looks in the elevator when there was a seat on the top of my uni! Sheesh

with one on one and swat:

total miles 2814

Does it matter that SWAT sent 5 people plus Kevin? If so, make sure you aded the miles for the entire team.

Right SWAT sent 5 people, so if you’re going for max effect thats 900 miles. Either way I came seperately 275 miles.

total miles: 3810

Re: A few requests for interested NYMW riders

:o Who him? He’s just good with knots & sticks (the K&S of bondage :wink: ) and has a world of usless, trival triva.

95 miles.

I’ll post the list tonight.

Distance travelled: 0 :slight_smile:

a) Guy with muniac hub - Jeff Putnam from Boston
b)redneck in big 4x4 - Kyle - uniracer
c) purple jersey, black hunter frame guy - wasn’t that also Jeff Putnam?

I believe Brian Maw also had a muniac hub, so “a)” might be him.

Some of the Hell on Wheeler’s might not have officially registered, so here is who went:

Frank Brown - 500 miles
John Glazer - 500 miles
Nick Mullin - 500 miles
Trip Glazer - 400 miles
=1900 miles

  • Brian Slater (95 miles) who didn’t add his to the total:

Total miles = 5805 miles

Brian Maw had the old, ist generation Muniac hub. Jeff Putnam had the newer, Red Muniac hub and black hunter frame.