a few questions

hey guys. havent been on in a while. i ahvent really unicycled much, ive been filming for my new solo pogo video, almost every trick hasnt ever been landed, theyre lal my original tricks, so ive been working really har don that.

but anyways, the results of me trying really hard to land these tricks results in me falling, and my body cant take much more, so im taking a little break from pogoing, it hurts to walk or do anything, its just too much.

so because of that, im going to be devoting alot of time to unicycling. i can ride it easily, i can do peg taps (idk what its clale din unicylcing, but you lower the uni down to where the pedal hits the ground then you pull it back up) and i have landed a 180 unispin very few times. i am currently learning to ride SIF and SIB and learning to grind.

i was wondering, when you guys grind, is it only the pedal that grinds or is it the crank too?

and what other tricks should i be working on?

thanks alot,
earl pote

Sounds like your pogo vid is gonna be sweet. Post it here when its done

You could practice riding backwards, one-footed riding, footplants, higher hops, longer hops, hop twists, leg wraps…

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_unicycling#Varials this website defines almost every street trick, it should give you a few ideas

hey how do u do that 180 uni spin ? ? ?

4 the grinding put the hole crank on… well thats how i do it.

4 the vid try puting tricks in betwen the pogo’s like wrap arounds or seat drops or somthin like dat

for people who havent seen me-

random crap video. put together in one day cuz i was bored-

team video, pretty old, ive gotten way better since then-

i also have a question about hopping, i cant seem to do it with the pedals horizontal like your supposed to, only vertical.

is this normal?

Yeah i do it too when i don’t want to do horizontal, but vertical jumps intends to hurt more though.

thats not normal at all. i can’t jump like that more than 3" or so
grinding is done best on the pedal, but I throw the crank in too.

I know it’s not normal but i like to try different things and i agree with you on the grinding. :stuck_out_tongue:


my unicycle broke again.

the axle is bent and so are the pedals and cranks from jumping off like a 3 foot ledge.

can someone give me a link to a few very good freestyle unicycles that wont break like my torker lx constantly does?


If you do drops, grinds and stuff I would recommend to use real trial/street uni. There’s some good and durable unis except Nimbus have weak cranks. This is pretty good and cheap trial unicycle and this is pretty good uni too.