A few Questions...

As some of you may know, i broke my seatpost at the Muni weekend, and Im obvioulsy looking for a new one. I would like to get a rail adapter, would http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=602 this be good? If anyone knows anything about it I would greatly apreaciate feedback on it. Specifically, does it come with a rail bracket, and will it work with my QU-AX seat.

Also, does anyone know how I would go about rmoving the cranks from my QU-AX Muni? I need to rotate my tire, but i dont know if I need a crank puller or anything.

Any help will be greatly apreaciated.

Hey Seamus,

I dont really know anything about rail adaptors and such, but I have heard that the Primo Rod seatpost is VERY strong, but fairly heavy. I do know about crank removal and that though. I you just remove the crank bolt and the pinch bolt then your cranks should slide right off. If not (and they probably wont after going through 2 years of muni without taking them off yet) then you can either take it to a LBS and get them to use a crank puller on it, or buy a crank puller. Here is a great write up on how to clean your cranks. You might also consider new bearings, but check them first. Just pull off the seal and check to see if they are contaminated with water/too much dirt/mud/junk. Once you have cleaned and greased then you can just put them on in a different position than before.

Good luck!

That’s a good post, check it is the same diametre as your old one though. You’ll need a KH rail adaptor to fit this post to a standard 4 bolt saddle like your Qu-Ax. They’re $30 im afraid.

I agree the cranks should come off easily when the bolts are loosened.

I think you have to buy the rail bracket seperately, if that’s the part that mounts to the seat.

Thanks guys.
The diameter is the same, Its a bummer you hafta buy the adapter seperate though. I guess I will probably do that, unless there is a cheaper option. What post would I want if I went with the traditional kind?

I’ve heard very good things about the GB4 post, but seeing as those are out of stock on UDC and they have a pretty terrible selection of standard seatposts I would just get a United or maybe a Semcycle XL. Having said that they wont even last as long as the one that broke did, but the United are $10 which is dirt cheap. You’re probably better off spending the extra money on the rail setup.

Just re-read your thred, why do you need to pull the cranks to rotate our tyre? Just drop the pressure right down, grab the tyre and yank it round on the rim, then re-inflate. It’s a five minute job requiring only a bike pump.

Best idea of the day, hands down.

Yeah, but he has had this uni for 2 years, doing muddy Muni and has never once cleaned the cranks and axle. I think it’s high time and while he does it he can rotate the cranks.

i rotated my tire, but instead of removing the cranks, i just deflated the tire, then was able to pull it, and simply twist it to my desired location. much less work than removing cranks.

on a spline uni I find it easier to take the cranks off and put them on a different spline.

On my DX, I loosen the pinch-bolt a few turns, take out the crank bolt in a few second, slide off the crank, and put it back at a different angle.

Easy, and simple, then no tidious pumping. Just a couple twists. =p

I rotate my tire once every 2 weeks and thats what I do to. it’s real easy, probably much eaisier than removing the cranks

I’m gonna try that next time and see if i’ts easier. it’s probably more precise though.

i dont rotate my tyre specifically, just every time i take my cranks off for some reason i put them back on a different random spline

Thanks for all the feedback guys.
Yeah, I really do need to take off my cranks and grease my splines and stuff. By the way Max, I’ve only had the uni for 1 year, not 2, but I havn’t rotated the tire or taken the cranks off once.

Oh, well you should still really do it. Have you decided on your post setup yet?

I just put in an order for the Primo Rod post, and the KH rail adapter. $57. worth it I think.
Thanks for the help guys.


You wont be breaking the primo, its a tank!

Good choice Seamus. Maybe a stiffer saddle next?:stuck_out_tongue:

if you have profiles or kh/onza’s or any other crankset with lots of splines, when you put the cranks back on, how do you make sure there in the right slots?