A Few Questions

Hey everyone ive been looking around on these fourms for about 4 weeks now and there is so much information and it really helped me learn alot. so heres my questions:

  1. I got my unicycle about 3 weeks ago and now i can freemount, ride forwards and a bit backwards, hop up curbs, and not much more. i think i want to head mostly in the trials direction so do you have any suggestions on a good trials uni? Im 14 years old about 5’10 and 140 pounds,

  2. would the nimbus 20’ trials be good or should i wait and save for the more expensive splined type ones? so far my biggest drop would be about 3 ft.

  3. Is there any unicyclists in Nova Scotia, Canada? me and my brother are the only ones i know of

Thanks a lot for any information

Re: A Few Questions

If after only 3 weeks you’re taking 3 foot drops, i’d say that you’re gonna want something more than a numbus. You’re likely to end up doing bigger drops than 3 feet (perhaps 4 or 5), and thats getting a bit past the capabilities of the nimbus. If you really think you’re gonna go in the trials direction, i would say go for something splined. Get either the onza or the kh20, if you have trouble, please for goodness sake don’t make a thread about it. well you can if you want, it would be sorta funny, but there have already been about 5 in the last few weeks, and about 30 before that. basically the kh is tough and the onza is perty, but both will get the job done. onza is a teeny bit cheaper. can’t go wrong with either. good luck with the trials :slight_smile:


yup, go splined. call bedford unicycles in toronto