a few questions :)

Ok so long story short, jumped down a set, sorta messed up and landed sideways…severely bent my kh 20…It’s still rideable…but not “hoppingdownstairsable” lol.

So its time for a new unicycle. Since I cant afford a new kh 20, and don’t really want a new 300$ wheelset I just want a new 20.

So it’s either a 20 inch Dx whcih is 305$


This nimbus 20 inch for 300$.

Now I already have a 24 inch dx, and I LOVE it. Wonderful unicycle.
But I am honestly kinda 70% going for the Nimbus.

What do you guys think? That nimbus, or a dx. If I go with the nimbus, should I drop 30$ into the kh crankset/hub? Or is their stock crankset still plenty strong enough.

If it helps my weight is 175.

But like I said I’m already for the nimbus mostly, but if theres any reason you think I should go for the DX please let me know! : )

thanks for your time!

I also hope this does not discourage anyone that’s planning on buying a kh 20 from actually buying one. My rim is bent, but that unicycle took many massive drops for 2 years. I guess it just finally couldn’t take it anymore. Its still a great unicycle and ill miss it : ( lol

Why don’t you just get a new rim, new spokes and rebuild the wheel? Or is the hub out of whack, too?

Eh, i just want a new uni asap :). I want a spare 20 inch anyway, for when things like these happen. When I get the new uni, I’ll deal with the kh 20.

Is it the '09 Torker you’re looking at?

Whichever one is on unicycle.com

I think the one they have is acutally 08…

I’ve heard one or two things about the '09 Torker :wink:

I’d definately get the Nimbus trials if your getting a new uni. Same strength, more compatible with other parts, and better upper half for sure,
so basically the Nimbus is better in all aspects.

yea i agree with Michealgoround but i think you should also upgrade to the kh crank arms.

That better of been a big set, otherwise your wheel maintenance is really bad.

Until the 09 DX is out, go with the Nimbus with KH cranks.

Definately, forgot to mention that.:o

Have you looked at the QUAX cross 20’?
The Unicycle Shop has them for $320.

Save some money and just fix/replace what is broken.

If the rest of your unicycle is good and you really refuse to re-build your wheel just get this and throw it in your unicycle.

If you want a spare unicycle you would need to fix your KH too have two anyway.

saskatchewanian is right. You should probably just go with the Nimbus wheelset, because it’s pretty much the same as a KH wheelset.

But if you refuse, get the Nimbus. It’s strong and you may not need the KH cranks. I’ve been bending the lightweight Nimbus cranks, but they now come with Venture cranks. The bold paragraph on the Nimbus 20" page used to say that you might need to get moments, but now it says the venture cranks are pretty good.

see it here.

Yeah +1

+1 more