A Few Questions to aid in my learning

I have been riding for 3- 4 months and want to improve my riding skills making turns on down hill switchbacks, learn to back pedal and hop…sounds like everyone here correct!!

Of course hill climbing- > 1:3 up slope(for every one foot climb it is 3 feet distance traveled

Question 1: If my feet are not on my pedals correctly on a free mount, it is really difficult for me to adjust them with the spikes in the pedals, i try to adjust in the upstroke of the foot that needs to be adjusted, just not enuff time. I hate the squeaky shoe cranky thingy.

statement: I have been practicing using the front handle so I am used to it when it comes to hopping/ climbing, I prefer the left hand though I am right handed- but practicing using right also so can do either.

Question 2:when going down hill on a sharp turn i do better without any hands because I can twist my hips, if i grab the handle I am not coordinated enuff to twist and get around the turn, is there a good way to get better at this?

Statement: Sometimes there is so many rocks there is no strategic way to navigate through them all, they may only be sticking up 1-3 inches out of dirt.

Question 3: Rock gardens, is it better to ride them by approaching them with plans on climbing over them or try to get enough speed to try to make a rolling hop over them and hope all goes well…:wink:

Learning with a :slight_smile:


Do some flatland “work.” If you learn to idle, you will be able to easily adjust your feet on the pedals whenever necessary.