A few questions of KH frames...

I got a aluminium 20" KH frame today :D. And I’ve just got a few questions.

What’s the best way to strip the powdercoating off a KH frame? And if I use paint stripper will it damage the frame at all? Will paint stripper work on the powdercoat?

How wide should the slit at the top of a KH frame be? I mean the slit that is there so when you tighten the seat clamp the frame can push inwards onto the seatpost. When I got my frame the slit was less than a mm wide, but I widened it so it’s good now.

O and, do Koxx-one and other 31.8mm seatclamps fit KH frames as well as KH seatpost clamps do?


Paint stripper will be your best choice, but make sure you leave it on long enough. Try a search of this forum, or ask one of the New Plymouth riders for advice on the NZUni forum. A few of them have stripped their KH frames in thepast.

It does not need to be wide, just wide enough to take the seat post. If the gap is completely closed when you tighten the clamp onto the post (do not over tighten) then it may need to be wider yeah?

Yes, in fact I have a spare Koxx-one clamp in your choice of black or gold which I have used on my KH frames (when the 2 bolt kh clamps did not yet exist). It can be yours for some reasonable amount of NZ$
You can PM me, I can post it down from Auckland

Yes paint stripper works fine and as far as i’m aware it does not damage the frame. I used nitromors to strip down my frame, you can see it in the custom kris holm thread. I wouldn’t say it is the quickest way to do it but you do get a fairly smooth finish if you use it along with wire wool.

Ask whoever is going to do your powdercoating if they have a sandblast booth. Most places do.

You’ll need to mask the surfaces you don’t want sandblasted and powdercoated.

Thanks. I’ll ask someone a hardware shop about which paint stripper will be best.

At first the gap wasn’t wide enough and I just thought it was strange that it was so narrow, when I put a 25.4mm seatpost with shim in it would turn really easily with the clamp as tight as it would go.

No thanks on the clamp, I got a k1 clamp from Germany where I got the frame from and it just seems really loose, I have to tighten it so the 2 sides almost touch for it to hold the seatpost, and it just doesn’t seem to fit that well.