A few questions and remarks

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> Hello,
> The Unicycling pages have been a great source of information for
> me. The first trick I learned from the pages was the side mount. I’ve written
> down a few remarks about this help file, perhaps people want to comment.
> > 1. Stand beside and slightly behind the unicycle with the nearer pedal
> > down and back slightly.
> I keep the pedal exactly vertical.

I end up putting my weight on the pedal, and the wheel goes where it needs to.
> > […]
> > 7. […] straighten the leg and kick up and forward until the leg clears
> > the saddle.
> May be I misinterpreted the phrase ‘kick up’. I thought that I had to swing
> my leg up straight. It’s much easier to bend the hip and knee joint
> simultaneously keeping the lower leg vertical.

I just pick up the leg and move it around the seat. I haven’t though much
about form.
> > When you step up on the down pedal, the wheel rolls backward slightly,
> > bringing the down pedal forward just about the time your butt hits the
> > seat. At that point your center of gravity should be forward of the wheel
> > so you can push on the down pedal to roll the wheel forward and under you.
> I start pedalling in a different way. The upper leg starts by pushing the
> pedal backward a little. It’s coming from the front after I’ve swung it
> around the saddle, so that’s easy. This makes the lower pedal go forward and
> I can push it down to start cycling (or idling).

I do the same thing.

> This method has the advantage that wheel is not moving when you’re
> stepping up.
> > As with all mounts, the actions involved should be done quickly as
> > possible.
> This is not true for me, because I’m in reasonable balance all the way. When
> I have to move quickly, I can’t control the balance. Perhaps it’s analogous
> to juggling: think “slow” and you’re in control.

Many times I just do it fast, but other times when I am balanced right it seems
like I have all day to do this. That’s when its most fun.
> I’ve also tried riding with the saddle in front. The Unicycling pages
> describe a transition from a normal riding to riding with the saddle in
> front. I found it easier to practice the trick from a free mount, with both
> hands on the saddle. My saddle is probably to high, but I don’t want to lower
> it just for this trick. The problem (as the help file mentions) is to
> maintain a smooth rythm. The wheel starts to waggle after a few cycles.
> Hopefully this will go away with more practice.

That’s fine for learning, but to pass any of the riding skill levels except the
side ride you have to start the skill from the normal riding position.
> This evening I learned the jump mount. It’s not even difficult once you’re
> over the fear of jumping and it must look quite spectacular!

I haven’t gotten the nerve up yet for this one.
> Another mount I’d like to learn is the rolling mount. I imagine this is a
> very smooth way to get on your unicycle. I tried different things, without
> any success. At what position do you place your foot on the pedal? How do you
> keep the wheel rolling when you put your weight on the first pedal? Any help
> would be appreciated.

I’d like to know about this one to.

BTW, you might try the kickup mount. Its not nearly as hard as it sounds. I
just learned it from the skill file.
> Cheers,
> Ronny Wichers Schreur ronny@cs.kun.nl

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