a few questions about an old schwinn unicycle i got a while back

ok, so i was given a super old cottered schwinn unicycle a while back, and i found that the seat is very similiar to a KH and has a beasty base, will the handle mount to it?

also, the tire is more than a little rotten on it, i went to replace it with an old tire i had laying around with tons of tread on it, and the rim seems to be setup for a 21 or 22 inch tire, can you still get these?

also, should i just repaint it (it’s been painted) or restore it to it’s natural shine?

Is one of the one of the seats with the metal seatbase? If so, go easy on it. Despite being metal a few people have broken them relatively easily doing street/trials type riding.

yes it is…

The tire size will be on the sidewall. It’s probably a 20x1 3/4 (which is a different size than 20x1.75–go figure). Shops can get this size but probably don’t stock them.

i actually did convert my seat using this base last year(my dads old schwinn) and yes it broke in about five minutes.