A few pictures of street riding and bc wheeling

Hey everyone, i took some pictures with a disposable camera of my riding so i figured I should share since I got the pics on a disk, there is only about 22 or so i think. Enjoy.



Oh ya some feed back would be appricated.

cool pics man

nice one foot tyre grab, never seen it b4

hey? how did you get your pics into the galleries?



Pretty simple actually.

Login into the gallery where it says llogin, then it wil say welcome tomsey and under that will be a link to new album, then go under admin options go to add pictures. then go to browse and put where they are on your computer. Just ask if you have any other questions.

What if you can’t log in?

I dunno are you sure your typing in the right info. Alot of people seem like they have had trouble with the gallery but ive gotten pretty lucky with it, good luck with it.


pop up blockers might interfere with logging in, or some admin features