A few pics

I figured i’d throw up a few pics from a past muni ride. Jake, Me, and Steve (in that order) hitting a jump. Its a shame we caught steve right when he landed cause hes been putting his new profiles to the test with the jumps and drops.

I hope this assuages someone’s uni media needs for the night. :smiley:


Great photos! So were you guys lining up your pedals to hit the jump in the right orientation or did you just go for it?

Very impressive.


Thanks andrew!

…A little of both actually. I chose to just go for it the first couple times and remember where i started. If my pedals lined up well for the jump, i’d just start at that same spot again.

BTW, i really liked your gapping bar video! I didnt know where to tell you but now i get the chance. :slight_smile: The 180 onto the first one and then another 180 to the second was crazy. I gotta build me some of those but im such a lazy bum haha.

take care. -e

Thanks a lot, yeah gapping bars really are a lot of fun and you can build them right down low to avoid risk of injury. You should try to get around to building some, it’s worth it.