A few new movies...

Hey, I have a few unicycling movies from early last year that I never exported and showed anyone. They are fun, but I just never followed up on getting them online or anything. Finally, they are up, and included on my website.

Go to http://www.unicyclejester.com , click on VIDEOS, and scroll down to the unicycling section. The first 4 videos are the newest. There are descriptions next to the vids.

One of the videos is Zack Baldwin and I riding at Beal’s Point, one is me doing some muni in Death Valley, another is me performing in a talent show, and the last is Brian Lundgren, Kaori, and this other unicyclist Taylor attempting to ride on a really hot day.

Check it out!


p.s. I just remembered I included some of the footage from these as part as my “10 minutes of splattered reggae” compilation at Unicon 13.

I watched that trial course one, Its really cool! :smiley:
How long did it take you to make that course? cuz i REEEAAALLY want to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

man, excellent!

You’re such an entertainer! Who could have beat you? I was shocked!

Death valley creepy houses! creepy skatepark kids making cat noises! sweet reggae!

they were all so good!

Jess, your videos have been some of my favorites out there, keep up the awesome riding and filming.

I think this needs to be said…
While I was watching your trials vid, your course goes up a tree! That is awesome! You are lucky, and an amazing rider. :slight_smile: