a few minutes with a MIG

MIG wire feed welder, that is.

now spudman can lock up his big uni…for commuting use.

now spudman can be more comfy, with the seat angle changed.

Very nice work, I’m surprised that people haven’t thought of this before.

Nice neat job.

However, I’ve been wondering about using a Kensington laptop type lock for my uni. All it needs is a little -0- cut in to it which I expect would be easy enough with a drill and smal file. I’ve already got a spare one of these which is doing nothing. If they’re secure enough for computer equipment worth thousands, they must be good enough for a hundred quids worth of uni!


A laptop lock will slow down a thief for a short time, a more substantial lock will slow down a thief a bit longer. I would not leave a (relatively new) laptop in a public place without supervision…even with one of those locks on it…

I have a MIG welder, and other equipment to make the job easy, but for those who don’t a laptop lock could be a simple solution to being able to leave your uni parked relatively safely.

Good projects. Thanks for the photos.

TIG is better :angry:

yeah, TIG is better…but I have a MIG…use what you have!

Electron beam fusion is better! :angry:

Hmm, if I was evil and wanted to steal that uni, I could cut through the welded on U with bolt cutters or a hacksaw. Seeing as most bike theives will have one or the other, it’s not as secure as you may think. I don’t think that its any more secure than just putting a chain around your frame and and anything and using a padlock. Or using a U lock in the wheel, seeing as no thief will take the wheel out, that’s too slow. Also, the wheel is probably worth more than the frame…

So, I think the most secure method is a U lock through the wheel to a rack and a chain locking the frame to the U lock.

you can’t tell from the picture, but the U that I welded on is part of a lock, it’s hardened…not indestructible, but not soft mild steel either.

yes, a thief can steal anything. All we can do is make it more of a challenge.

In general, I’d think any locked unicycle is pretty secure. Professional bike thieves are unlikely to target a unicycle if they can’t make any money by selling it. A lock will deter the casual thief or mischief-maker.

But unless you’re using a U-lock, why not just run it through the wheel, then loop it once around the frame? This would keep someone from removing the wheel to steal (part of) it.

because spudman does indeed use a U lock…

yes, a thief can steal anything. All we can do is make it more of a challenge.

Yes, they are quite smart. Like when someone found out that you could get into most of the older (2 years ago) insured Kryptonite locks with a bic ballpoint pen. Wasn’t that awesome. People spending all that money on Krypto. Cables and New York chains, only to find out that a $0.49 pen would do the trick. They are quite quick those thieves.

wait wots the problem with one of those bendy lock wires shoved right aroudn the wheel and through the frame and even through the little hole on the handle and tied to a lampost?

Thats what i do… and i meanit means the only someone can do is nick bits… and even then that would be the pedals and the cranks… and the seatpost clamp…

I mean they could delace the wheel and get the hub…

Actually someone deflated my tyre once… but i always carry a pump…

But apart from the fact i see no use to it, its a good solder joing :stuck_out_tongue:

Those bendy lock wires are very easy to cut through, then they can take all of your uni.

And it’s a weld, not a solder joint.

The little loop doesn’t make it theif proof, but it does make it a little harder to walk off with all of the parts. Besides, it looks cool! And it’s another fun thing to use my old school locker lock for. (Although the first fun thing was a little more entertaining…)

As for the seatpost, I found it a bit more comfortable for distance riding with the seat tilted back like that. Also, since I’m turning this into a commuter, we ordered some 127 mm cranks at the bike shop to replace the 152s that are on it right now. Should be fun.

why not just thread it through the wheel and the seat… who the f**k is going to steal a uni frame

Who would steal a unicycle anyway? There are idiots everywhere.

I swiped the cranks off of my brother’s unicycle to replace my long ones and added some super grippy pedals. Tonight I took it on a ride for the first time, and it works great for cruising!

You haven’t experienced a college (university) campus. Lots of campuses have very high bike theft rates. If they don’t steal the entire bike they may just take a few parts from it like the seat, a wheel, a cycle computer, or anything else that can be quickly taken just by removing a bolt or two.

Someone could easily take a frame and seat from a unicycle since it only involves removing four bolts. Never underestimate bike theft at a college campus.