a few clips...

Here’s a few clips of current world trials champion Zack Baldwin getting in the way when I was trying to video another rider. I meant to post these on www.sykoproductions.com as a clip of the week, but never got around to until now…


Love that second line, no corrective hops or anything…nice!

those are cool shots. that hop over the bench was so hard! hahaha

Later, Zack

Zack in the way, hmm…

That page doesnt work for me, it says the internet address can not be found. Is it just me?

Zack’s always in the way. lol. Kiddin! That was pretty sick Zack. Congrats. Dan it’s nice to see you post by the way. lol. Thanks for getting me in the shot. haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

it doesn’t work for me either
and i couldn’t find it on sykoproductions.com under clips of the week…

Dan H. removed it.

Due to what reason?

I had it, but then I lost it, so now I dont have it, and I still havent seen it. Poo.