A evening with Keith Cash, XC unicyclist

After the “different handlebar” thread, and rereading Keith’s story of his 1981 cross-country journey, I emailed the guy. It turns out he lives not too far away and, after a few emails, we actually got together last night.

He’s the happiest, most positive, most lovable person I’ve ever met, always asking to hear about others’ adventures, and downplaying his own. When we pressed him we got a few more tidbits about his oddysey, and I (author of many long-winded uni stories) told him he should really write a book about it.

A couple other friends stopped by and we chatted and played around on unis in the street in front of my house, long into the warm summer evening.

He brought the actual Schwinn unicycle on which he made his epic trip, though it’s now outfitted with a makeshift airseat. (He claims the original seat was made completely of thorns.) He even brought me a gift of an old giraffe which he claims needed a good home. I haven’t tried it yet because it needs a seat and 22mm post, which I’ll be procuring soon.

He said he’s recently gotten back into uni after a 25 year hiatus, and can already feel the good effects of the exercise. He invited my family out to his lake house, and it’s clear we’re just old friends that hadn’t met yet.

Pic is of Perry (capuni), Keith, and me.

When I first got into unicycling, Keiths’ story on unicycling.org was one of my inspirations.

He emailed me after my 24hr record- I was pleasantly surprised that he’d heard about it, when he was one of the reasons I got hooked on unicycling, and unitouring in particular.

He should definitely write the book!

Cool, Im glad his story got posted on the forums, I had never heard of him and his massive trip before that. His story is amazing, he sounds like a great guy.

Great post

Nice post! There are more people who know his story than Keith probably realizes. Epic journey…without escort and support vehicles…awesome!

I will let you know how the handlebars work out. I have ordered some parts for the first attempt.