A Distance Unicycling idea...

I was thinking about buying a torker lx 26 in or something similar and putting really short cranks (89mm or 100mm) to go fast. Would this be a good idea? I cant pay much money but after riding my friends 36er I want to do a bit of distance riding and I can’t afford a big wheel.

Edit: The seat’s not an issue cause I turn them into air saddles and they’re quite comfy.

uhhh didn’t muni addict do something like that a while ago?

Save up the money or keep an eye on ebay and the trade forums for either a 29er or a 36". I wouldn’t waste your money on trying to turn the 26" into a real distance machine. Those shorter cranks will make riding up hills painful and riding over cracks/bumps no fun and it just keeps you from affording a real distance uni even longer. Those shorter cranks on a true big wheel are okay because its size and the momentum it gains allows it to more easily roll over stuff and you won’t have that luxury with the 26".

I’m thinking you don’t already own a 26

If you had a 26, putting short cranks on it for 20 $ might be fun enough.

However, if you want a 36 like experience, you must save your money and buy a 36.


That link is the cheapest 36 available I think, cause they will ship it free.

I also think that some Radial owners will buy a new Coker. These will be delivered in Dec. 07. So if you PM some of the people in the “I’m buying a new Coker” threads, of which there will be more of soon, they might give you a good deal on their old ride.

The only way to get the 36 distance effect is to buy a 36. Presuming you don’t have the $ for a guni. (geared uni) Short cranks won’t do it.

You’d be better off saving your money and getting a 36.

Because if you put shorter cranks on a 26 then you’ll still have to pedal just as quickly as if you had longer cranks, just that you’ll have to make smaller circles with your feet as you pedal.