A distance/performing unicycle?

Hey everyone, I am a juggler/performer/unicyclist. Right now I am borrowing a 20" Torker CX unicycle from one of my unicycling friends. I have so far spent my summer learning how to ride and can ride around my neighborhood with ease. (However, I cannot yet idle nor can I free mount…I’m working on that though) Anyways, I am looking to buy my own unicycle and return the 20" torker to my friend.

The problem I am having is that I would like to buy a quality unicycle which fits the following criteria:

-good for distance riding- [yet at the same time,]
-good for performing (eventual one foot riding and such)
-will continue to fit me as I grow
-comfortable seat (the torker CX’s child seat is horrendous)
-good pedals
-and preferably under $200

I guess my main problem is deciding what wheel size to buy. I am looking for a wheel size which would allow for ease in covering distances yet be good for performing. For example, a unicycle wheel size which would [eventually] allow me to try one foot riding and coasting, yet also permit me to go on 1-3 mile long rides with ease and decent maneuverability.

As for what brand, it seems that the Torker LX is a superb unicycle for the money; it’s seat is said to be a look-a-like miyata and the unicycle itself is said to be extremely durable. However, I have rode a Torker LX 20" before and the pedals/cranks feel strange. I read somewhere online that the cranks resemble bicycle cranks and wasn’t if this statement was true.

ANY help you could throw my way would be very much appreciated,


-one foot riding makes for a horrible performance
-you sound pretty far off from getting paid to perform(maybie find an idiot audience)

anyways, i reccomend the nimbus x longneck 20"
$175 from unicycle.com-an awsome freestyle uni…
edit: ich, torker!

nimbus 24" freestyle

24" is probably as large as you want to go while keeping it feasible for performing.

Making a uni good for both performance and distance would be hard. You would be better served to get a cheap freestyle, such as the 20" Torker LX and then a better/bigger uni for distance.

You could get a Torker LX 20 for performing and a Torker LX 26 for longer rides. According to unicycle.com (US) prices, that would be about $200 plus shipping and tax. I had a Torker LX 24 as my first unicycle, and it’s great for freestyle. Don’t let the Torker haters dissuade you from a great deal.

Or, if you’re only riding 1-3 miles, a 24 inch freestyle would work for performing and go “the distance.”

There is no one uni answer

You need at least a 24 to ride any distance. Yet to learn to perform on it would take a long time. For fancy small wheel tricks, it would be way easier to learn them on a 20.
I suggest getting a 24 muni. Slightly more cash then a skinny wheel, but a very fun all a rounder, and you will want to ride off road, it’s fun.:slight_smile:
Then once you can idle on that and have some confidence, buy a giraffe
and juggle torches. That’s what all the uni riding jugglers do . This would take less time to learn then any other impressive thing you could do. To learn performing tricks on a short uni will be a much longer term goal. :sunglasses:

Are you kidding me? He wants to perform and do distance for under $200 and you suggest a muni? He never mentioned off road riding so why would he want a muni.

Read what he said

He is a juggler-performer-uni rider. I recommended a giraffe, but get a 24 muni first to learn on. I was a street performing juggler for about 15 years, then I got fat.:stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s a pic of me warming up before a show in New Orleans in '83. Note the giraffe in the back. It belonged to a friend, juggler-uni guy that I was sharing the spot with. I have met about 50 juggler uni riders, and thats what they all used.
I wasn’t inclined to drag so much gear around, so I didn’t learn to uni. Made my living out of a small bag.
Almost no one did short uni stuff then. I never saw trials tricks and stuff until you tube.

no matter what, do not get a muni!!!

for performing and tricks, a 20 inch like the torker lx would be perfect.

you could also easily do a 3 mile ride on it, it just wouldnt be fast.

if you want something that you can go around with, just use a skateboard. they are small, light, and fast. you could just carry the unicycle while your on it too.

i reccomend the torker lx 24" or the 20" … whatever floats ur boat. they are both durable, and are good for performing.