*$*A Dilemma!*$*

hi everyone! i have sortof a dilemma. i need about 600 dollars for two unicycles that i plan to get. but i dont really know how to earn the money to get them. im 11 years old if that helps! any suggestions would be great!!! thanks


There’s not much you can do at 11…Mowing a c*** load of lawns? Nearly nobody will even consider hiring you for an actual job (I’m not even sure if they can because of laws). Best bet would probably be begging you parents…Although that’s not recommended unless you don’t mind annoying them.

you are not really helping that much.

any other suggestions??

Ask your parents for allowance? Do work around the house to pay off the unicycles?

Act really hyper and don’t stay on subject. Don’t sit still and do not pay attention to anything.

You’ll be given a pill. Ritalin.

Since your faking don’t swollow it, pretend too, then stash it in your pocket. Keep doing this for a long long time. Be careful not to let anybody know, not even your best friends.

Once you’ve got a few baggies full go to a bad neighborhood and ask scragiley looking men and asians if they are looking for a few riddles. Make sure you let them know it’s the pills your selling. Very important. Don’t get into anyones car, house. If you can cut a deal with a gas station owner or something like that. They’ll probably want 50/50 or even 60/40 in their favor, so don’t let them know how much you sell. Let them know your selling half of what you really are, so if that want 50/50 they’ll really be getting 25/75 in your favor. You’ll make money faster that way. Hide the money and slowly pretend to ‘find it’ or something like that. If you walk home with a stack of 20’s your going to get caught.

Don’t keep your entire stash on you, even in a store you could be robbed.

EDIT; Could use adderall as well. It should sell fine, you can sell that in colleges and high schools. It will make less per unit, but the job is easier and less dangerous.

You could learn some practical but oddball skill (unicycling!) like knife sharpening. Then go around your neighborhood and offer to sharpen knives for a fee.

This approach works best if you have access to an upscale neighborhood.

Of course you would need some specialized equipment. I have tried the edge-pro system and it works well:

The idea is to find an upscale service you can offer that is more skilled and will get you more money per hour than mowing lawns.

Put on a shirt and neck tie, comb your hair neat, and go door-to-door collecting donations.

Say: The Police Athletic League sponsors only team sports for conventional kids. They discriminate against unconventional kids, like unicyclists.

I’m collecting money for an 11 year old boy who needs 2 unicycles in order to keep out of trouble this summer. [It’s the truth] Would you like to donate?

Then say Thank You!

at 11 I cutted the grass at my place, my mom gave me $10 each time. I’m still doing that and that’s how I brought all my unis:p
I have brothers too, they both played hockey and I didn’t so I had a little advantage sometimes:)

Well what do you want me to say? Give me your address and I can send you lots of cash for nothing!!!

Money has to be earned and it’s especially not easy to get at 11. That’s all there is to it.

2 things. im pretty sure that the whole riddelin thing is illegal and i am a girl not a boy. but thanks to all who made good suggestions!

Car Wash!
You can make lots of money :slight_smile:
When me and some friends were raising money for a church youth group trip we washed cars for a morning and got over £80. We also did a cake sale which raised more than £80 too.

cool thanks

Go wash the window of cars in the road, just put some old cloths and you’ll be good:) I read somewhere that a guy did that all his life, but he had a big nice house, and a nice car. He got that only by washing windows! that’s awsome!:slight_smile:

Sometimes you earn more by doing favors for people instead of jobs. Try doing something for free and see how much cash you end up with.

ok thanks

k thanks

Use Christmas/Birthday money on half of it, sell stuff you don’t want(Yard $ale!!!), Sell your old video games, Start doing chores… That is what I did to get my MUni…

Yep, its just going to be all chores, allowance, working for friends parents, and whatever oddball jobs you can get your hands onto.

Theres also craigslist where there are job listings. If youre parents are comfortable with it, I suggest finding someone needing some landscaping help or any other simple labor work. At your age, id have your parents meet them and help things move along.


When i was young I was able to work at a restaurant, but only got a dollar a day. Id also mow lawns, an d volunteered to every chore I could.