A Day Of Treys- Advice Needed

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get the full flip?


Most of them looked fine to me… Just kick it a little harder or slap another pallet on there. Just keep practicing them, they’ll clean themselves up.:wink:

Ride faster, and kick harder. :slight_smile:


just kick harder, riding faster doesnt neccessarily give a faster flip. (not in my case anyway) i ride rediculously low before i trey, then put all my weight on the pedal i flip on and kick it.

Have you gotten yours back Simon?

i can do them with my saddle down low pretty well, but find t easier to do unispins with it up. im gonna try unispins seat down soon and hopefully i should be able to get everything back.

ive only done one since the one i did at the british street comp

+1 :slight_smile:

and jump higher;)

should i drive fast on treys?
because i drive slow on hicks and stop short and then i do the kick and the spin but i just get spin 270° if i try treyflips

thats hw i o my tres, try both and see what works for you

I was just about to post that.:stuck_out_tongue:

Todays treyflips;

Midway, I saw Isaac Steiner land some in his video. So I took off one pallet.

Edit: A link might help :stuck_out_tongue:


HELP i cant hick flip, because i land with the uni behind me. i slip off like everytime! im super keen to learn treys, i can 3spin to si clean and easy. tips/help for hicks and treys?

Jump straight up instead of forward.

I’m going to kill you Eli. hahahahahahaha

lol Eli, I thought you were giving me advice. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahah no, I know better.