A Day of Sif

This is my video for trying to learn Sif jumping as fast as I can… This was my first real hour of practicing jumping onto stuff in Sif… The filming started about 30min’s into actual unicycling, and all the stuff you see was filmed during that first hour.

A Day of Sif

“We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”

nyah… should be up within’ the hour :smiley: … was kinda rushed to push this on before I got to bed :slight_smile:

wow you learn fast good job!!

hey man!
heres a few tippers to learn to hop high
1.loosen up a little bit
2. bend your knees when you jump, i know its hard right now. and it feels really unnatural. but once you get used to it, its all uphill from there.
3. use your free arm for balance. over exaggerate it if you need. it will pay off later.


You should probably stick to seat in for now, but if you must continue with SIF, follow the excellent advice above.

interesting. this showed some good progress for just 45 mins of riding. how long have you been riding? and how confident at SI are you?

Why cant you film it showing your whole body???

From what I could see it didint look like you were gaining anything from being SIF. Before and after each of your hops it didnt look like your crutch dropped below seat hight. Obviously it was hard to see because of your filming but if this is the case you should be able to jump higher or as high SI. Lower your seat a little and go back to riding SI. That is what I sugest but thats only me, its not like Im any good at unicycling anyway.

I agree with sp4rky, plus your seattube (where your seatpost goes in) looks realy bend. Or is it your a poorly welded frame?

why go back to si??
I recently went to sif and now I can easily get 2 pallets higher than si and with less effort
and I don’t need to have the seat way down but you guys are usually right so why??

Why not? The only real advantage SIF has over SI is that you can gain more hight with the adition of a tuck. If your not tucking why not return the seat to between your legs where it is more sucure and will give you more controll? Up three pallets you dont need to be SIF you dont realy need to tuck, I think its less effort not to at that hight.

adjuggler if you could get a shot of you hopping SIF up those three pallets again, showing your whole body. I will try and explain better (please do it the same, dont add a tuck just to annoy me :p)

Whoa! that second and third picture show up the bend…

I can’t believe I didn’t spot that in the vid. Have you landed hard at some point or is it a “value” unicycle.

Oh and do you get loads of bites on your shins? I don’t think I could go back to no leg protection after a couple of nasty bites. You do have some right?

Quick learning though, I am mightlily impressed. I’m still rubbish at SIF, I much prefer seat in at the moment.

Keep riding adjuggler!

I do get loads of bites :slight_smile: … but I keep on trucking… moneys a bit short so I’ve got the value unicycle :frowning: … and shin guards are coming on tuesday… (vid of seat in jump at that height posted soon.

I was after a full shot of another SIF :o

It is just normal that you dont tuck the unicycle realy at the beginning that will come later just try to tuck it more and more and in a few month/weeks you will use all the advantages of sif jumping.

About this much… Wish I could jump a bit higher… :frowning:

But yeah I think I understand about the tucking… I couldnt get a shot sif cause they are not my pallets. But I slipped in a Si jump above (previous post) to show how going to Sif is eh… How will I know that I’ve topped off Si jumping?

When you cant get any higher because you are trying to tuck but the seat restricts you. I switched to SIF too early, I was hitting about 45cm SI but i should have waited longer.

Loved the geico caveman commercial song