A day at colchester and frinton

Definitely the best vid of us out yet, just a bit short :frowning:
SEE ME GLIDE!!! im getting good at it :smiley:
See kieron do one of the biggest drops he’s done…
See kieron ride a 40 set!! ( well, two thirteens and a fourteen)
And a few other bits.


If you’re wondering about the ‘‘FU’’ thing, it means frinton unicyclists (a branch whom I taught), that live in frinton, that we like to take the p*ss outta for being well… bad at uniing when they should be trying to get better. Ok that didnt make sense. Watch their vid and ull understand:


It aint too good, and all they did mostly was copy things i’d previously done… (sorry, i mean… crank grab on a bench in slowmo, wtf?!)

Enjoy my vid, and lets have some good ratings and comments, recommendations and tips :sunglasses:

Anybody?! No?! :frowning:

no theres no1 shame:D

HOW VERY DARE YOU SPAC!!! :roll_eyes: the new vid is just processing on youtube btw.

there it is people!

I think your videos would get more credit if you did’nt come across so hyper. Oh and I don’t understand why you used the F-word at the end.

Pretty good. Your riding is good but i think the angles of the camera could be better.

like isaac said the camera angles could be better and when you do big drops dont jump off, get on the edge and rock the wheel foward and back once you aree off. it is more of falling off

How can we make the angles better? lower down?

Cool Video! How big was that major drop, and how long have you been riding? By the way in the video of the other kids, the kid in the red shirt is sporting the michael jackson with the one glove.

8 months, 1.14m and, yeh i know :stuck_out_tongue: