A cute lil letter

We’re cleaning out a little storage room today to make it into a TV room, and we came across this in a journal I used to keep. I was about 7 years old a the time. Sorry bout the weird contrast, but I had to jack it way up to make the light pencil writing show up.

Neat-o Tyler. I’ve got to ask:
was the unicycle a total surprise or did you ask for it?
Does anyone else in your family uni?

Total surprise! Nobody else in the family unis, so I think the reason they got it for me is because they knew I liked unique things to do.

That’s cool! Neat writing for 7 years old :wink: mine was (still is) a mess :stuck_out_tongue: That’s cool, hehe. I got my first one for christmas too ^.^

I got my first one for my birthday, my second one I got this christmas!

first one i got i paid for second one i got i paid for third one i got was for christmas

what was the cool “science thing?”