A curious choice of name...

According to The Register, because of eBay UK raising prices and adding VAT people are flooding over to eBid… I thought I’d test this by looking for unicycle, sadly to find not one.

However I found one on ebay… the picture on the box says “Stealth Unicycle!”. It’s not particularly stealthy, being bright yellow or blue, but either way… it’s not the Stealth that we know and love.

I’m straining my eyes trying to find what the top line of text says on the box… it looks like “Only for professional use”, which seems a bit odd given the rather solid look of that seat… :astonished:



the cranx look about a furlong apeice

Professional performers often have nasty uncomfortable seats, and long cranks. I’m not sure why the seats, other than the length of the act isn’t long enough to worry about it. Longer cranks are more visual, as the feet move around more.

That said, the unicycle in the box looks like a China or Taiwan cheapie. The cool thing about it is the box itself. I’ve never seen a fully decorated unicycle box before! If not noted in the ad, make sure the wheel size is what you expect, not 16".

I’ve heard something about a crazy french (could have been belgian, maybe even german) guy who does lots of touring on a coker with a Viscount, because he says it stops him sitting down too much and encourages his legs to work better!

I think it might have been Joe Marshall who was talking about him but im not sure :thinking: