A Couple Quick Questions

  1. How do I know which tires will fit on my rim. I have a 20in. rim that came with my Sun uni, but I want to put a 2.5in. wide trials tire on it. Will this work?

  2. Will my wheelset fit on any frame( a Yuni frame to be exact)?


The frame will fit up to 2-1/4 (2.25) inch tire. And that wheelset will work on a uni frame.

Yuni Not uni, Sorry

would the rim take a 1.5 tire though? I am trying to decide whether to buy (this summer) a Yuni frame and a new saddle, then taking all my sun stuff and putting it on the frame. or just buying the Nimbus $169 trials uni.

Yes I don’t see why not. But

I would just buy the Nimbus because the wheel set/cranks/pedals are better and its better to have 2 unis that 1 (and a useless frame lying around)

You can’t use a trials tyre like on the nimbus trials uni on a normal 20" rim, so no. 20" triasl unis have 19" rims to fit the bigger tyre without being much bigger.
Plus I get the impression the sun rim isn’t that great, so for trials you’d want a better rim, like the alex dx32 on the nimbus trials. You can put a bigger tyre on, but not a normal triasl tyre.