a couple of things for sale

summit frame

arrow rim/ unicycle.com hub (wheelset)

monty rim/ suzue hub (wheelset)

pm me for prices and a detailed descriptions of condition of the items.

Can you be a bit more specific about the wheel sets? I’m not looking, but I know some people who might be interested.

Re: a couple of things for sale

What condition is the frame in?

How much do you want for it???

The summit frame is in decent condition, a few scrapes on the seat tube and around the crown, the bearing case are the place where it’s really scracthed up, as far as price goes make me an offer

the arrow rim/uni.com hub wheelset is in very good condtion i only used it for around 3 months, it comes with a luna trials tire with a decent amount of tred left, bike euro cranks they’re straight but scratched up from grinding, i’d like around $130 for this or the best offer

the monty rim/ suzue hub wheelset is more used but still in good condition, it has bike euro cranks straight but scratched, the tire still has a little bit of tred left, i’d want $60

i would take the arrow wheel set for about 85.00 if you felt you really needed to sell it.