A Couple of My Unicycles

I haven’t posted my unicycles in a while (if ever) so here goes:

My trials uni:

My Muni

I know, I know steel is so 2 years ago. Oh well. Let me know what you think.

Sorry for my seeming newbishness, but those are both profile right? Those look pretty sweet. I would like to have ones like that:)

Right. Sorry, heres a spec list for each:


Frame: KH '04 Cromoly
Wheel: Profile to Alex DX32, 14g
Tire: Luna
Cranks: Profile 145mm
Saddle: CF Miyata, Gemcrest cover, Wallis Deathgrip handle, Kinport bumper
Seatpost: Thomson Elite and Rails bracket
Pedals: Oddysey Jim Cielinki


Frame: Yuni 26’’
Wheel: Profile to Sun Doublewide, 13/14g
Tire: Nokian Gazzaloddi 3.0
Cranks: Profile 165mm
Saddle: Miyata airseat, Roach Cover, Reeder Handle
Seatpost: Miyata
Pedals: Snafu BMX

I put most of my time on the trials, thats why the muni is a little behind the trials above the seatpost clamp.

Is that a DX 32 and Jimmy Cs on the trials? And what cover and foam are you using on the seat? Is that the Miyata rather than the KH style Scott Wallis base?

EDIT: Wow, before i posted you’d already answered all my questions.

I think Im gonna upgrade my trials to profiles…

The cover is a “gemcrest” from UDC. It’s a really heavy vinyl I think. I used the original foam from my pre-CF miyata. The base is not from Wallis designs, it is from Bedford.

Ah of course, if it were SW then you wouldn’t need the rails. How are you finding the DeathGrip? Im considering getting a SW setup for my Muni, a mate of mine has one on his trials but it’s left handed so I can’t really get a proper feel for it. Do you think the V-grip would be better for Muni, considering your muni handle is similar to the extra protrusion on the V-grip? I’ve only ridden Kh handles.

I love the deathgrip. It fits in my hand perfectly. It has that little spot for your thumb which lets you either rest your hand comfortably for cruising around to take some weight of the undercarriage or get a really solid grip for hopping. You can hook your thumb over the second knuckle of your index finger. Also the part where your fingertips rest is so thin that you are basically making a tightly closed fist around the handle. On the Kinport (the second best handle I have tried, I haven’t tried the reeder yet) it is thick so you have to rest your thumb on the side. I’m not sure if you are getting this. It’s hard to explain but the combination of stiffer handle and more solid grip translates into more power and confidence.

At first I was worried about putting the CF handle on a trials uni. My trials uni gets violently dropped onto concrete a lot. I was worried that it would crack from an impact or wear down from scraping on rough surfaces during falls. I have had it for at least a year now (#007!) and it looks the same as the day I got it and has showed no signs of failure or damage at all.

I don’t know anything about the v-grip but I’d say if you have the money for one of the two go for it.

Nice rides. We’ve got nearly identical setups… although my Wallis CF base / Primo seatpost combo is constantly swapped between one wheel and the other…

I’m curious about the rattle-can job on your muni frame. I’ve got a chrome Yuni frame as well and was thinking about doing the same, but wondering what kind of prep job (aside from getting it sand blasted) would yield the best results.

Looking at the shiny chrome underneath, I’d postulate that you did zero prep, other than maybe degreasing the frame… did you sand that thing at all? Any primer underneath? I was hoping for a paint job that’d last at least one season of riding, if not two…

The frame was painted by Mojoe. I don’t know what he did, but the chrome is still on the uni.

So, how does a rail adapter work on a trials? On THE dave’s KH freeride, the rail adapter makes it almost impossible to do any kind of SIF trials. There’s no room for you to hold it.

Looks like you’ve had a lot of fun on the muni. Rock on!!


What type of seat did he have? My friend has a KH seat with rail adapter and I can’t ride it SIF at all. He somehow gets by though. I have found that the miyata has a wider rear with a thinner seat plate, giving more room.

I did have to adapt to it though. I had to move my hand back further than I was used to before. It feels perfectly natural now though. Also, I think gripping the seat further back keeps the seat further away from my body while I am in the air so I am less likely to hit my torso with the seat (which limits compression).

Yeah man, it’s been great to me. The wheel is the most bombproof thing I have ever seen. I haven’t had to touch a spoke in the what 2 years I’ve had it. I think it may be time for a new paintjob though. I’m sticking with army green, its perfect for a muni.

Yeah, it was a KH, fusion I think. That might be the difference. But gripping further back didn’t work on his, Maybe if it was angled more?

I don’t know really. I just think the KH’s have less room in the back. Here’s a (crappy, disorienting) pic of the space on mine.

Edit: Maybe he didn’t have the seat all the way back on the rails too?