A couple of incidents

I won’t write up the whole ride, because the longer rides get tedious, but here are four incidents from yesterday morning’s ride. I set off early before the sun was high.

Riding down a track between high hedges which met overhead to form a tunnel. The air is thick with insects, the ground is baked hard, and full of ridges and bumps waiting to trip the wheel. I take a deep swig from the mouthpiece of my Camelbak, and suddenly hit a bump. I UPD and the water spurts out through my nostrils. Yuk!

By the river, I see a gravel and sand beach to my right. I am riding on the grassy bank, and decide to go for it: a slight drop, then a little slope, then another little drop, then I’m on to soft shifting sand and gravel, with only a couple of metres to stop without riding straight intot he river. All this at right angles to the river, and on the 700c. It feels great, and impresses the passers by.

Almost back at the car I am getting tired. I hit a sudden dip and UPD. As I start to fall, I put my hands out and realise I have no wrist guards on. A sudden burst of adrenaline and I sprint forwards to regain my balance, twingeing my back in the process.

Back at the car, I compare the GPS and the trip computer. The trip computer says a max speed of 13 mph; the GPS says 18.8 mph! It is some time before I realise that the 18 mph must be when I was sprinting to stop falling!

Oh, and I saw a koala bear fly past. (Easy one there, for you quiz pickers!)

Aha, this one’s easy: the maximum speed from the GPS might have just been poor reception. On riding home from Birmingham the other week I apparently reached 465mph. I was using very short cranks, and I did have a UPD which launched me forwards, but I don’t recall ever going /quite/ that fast.

Did the koala just swoop by, or did you see it hover? Most impressive when they do that.


This whole thing made me laugh, but this especially. It also reminded me of the time when I took my camelbak out without putting the valve on the tube and when I turn it to on, I got much more squirt than I expected.


I saw it too!!:stuck_out_tongue:


This seems to be getting a forbidden error now.

Let’s try this