A couple new vids of me

Hey, not sure how many of these videos people have seen, but theres a few extra added. the video of the one footer thats in the picture is right beside it. Hope you like them.


Do u have a link?

oh my… totally forgot haha!


Ya, that 1 footer is sick! I like the shifty down the 9 too.


You should get a chin strap for your hats. Nice grind, I’ve been trying to work up the courage to try one just like that but I keep chickening out at the last minute. Keep them coming, my “Kevin McMullin” folder now has 20 clips and/or edited videos. When people don’t believe me when I talk about street unicycling, I usually show them either your “sponser me” video, or Dan Doerksen’s “Demo” (which is no longer on the web apparently, I feel special). Keep it up Kevin, make the sport proud!

That is some crazy sh*t! I dunno how you do that man but well done.

Watching those videos inspired me. I even managed to hop down a 4 stair;)
if you have any tips on how you do that stuff i’d be glad to hear:D

Brilliant riding! Have you considered making a movie? I know I’d buy one.

Thanks for sharing the clips.


you’re the man! come over to nz sometime & show us how its done.


PS do u have a no footer in store for us anytime soon? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing, that was a cool shifty, can u give any tips on how you do them with such good extension?


hey everyone. thanks for the compliments. i know ive been working on no footers, and i tried one down that same 6 set i did the one footer down. im coming close, but i just need to stick it. as for videos, i know im filming with jeff groves for his video sometime soon, and hopefully with dan heaton for U3, or some other video of his. check those out when they come out.

as for advice on shifties… i always turn the opposite way of my normal 180 direction. this is because you want the hard part (coming back to your original spot) to be the easiest, and most natural. also, try to do them by rotating at the waist. i think thats all. hopefully ive got some more stuff coming toot his year. we’ll see, Kevin

>< I regret not taking pics when I did the 8 stair…has anyone heard of a summer skateboarding/rollar blading/ BMX camp called “Woodward”?. I took my unicycle there and did the ramps and other things. They did’nt have a special thing for unicycling, and I did’nt ask if they would allow it, I just brought it. And no one on the staff said a word to me, execpt this one guy who said ," Whoa", but that’s it. :slight_smile:

At risk of further jacking a 2 years dead thread:

GabyD - nice to see another rider from VA. What part of NoVA are you from, I grew up in Dumfries/Manassas area. Drop me a PM if you want to ride sometime.