a couple koxx unicycles for sale

so in total to Canada it would be about $410 USD? i’m just wondering cause its not for me, its for my friend (he doesnt have internet right now aha so im looking for a good trials uni for him that wont break the bank) and he needs to see if he can afford it for everything in total

yes about 410 uhu

The Green Spirit is Sooo Sick, I drooled all over it already.
Got my germs on it…So it’s mine I tell ya… mine…LOL

pm’d on the green spirit.

Alright…I’ll take the Alien then…I’ve been abducted anyway, Heads up, they don’t probe…lmao.

Anything eaten on a uni is a balanced diet.

…explains a lot…I hear the dinner bell

lol, plenty to go around guys. got loads of these things

Hey Joe, :smiley:
So, say I wanted a unicycle like the Green Spirit (which I do but it might be between green or black) on the previous page:

  1. Would it come will all the parts or just the frame??
  2. How much would it cost (in $USD)?
  3. And do I still get to choose between street/trials cranks? :slight_smile:

I know these questions are probably already answered but I am still a little confused :thinking: