A couple hundred dollars.

After breaking my little Sun 20" i was wanting to buy a new one. I live in the US. I figured after selling my wakeboard and painting my house this summer I would have around $3-500. Which would be this best one? I have heard some many things about different unis. Unicycle.com would be my best bet. Suggestions? Thanks.

There have been several other people who are in a similar situation who have posted threads asking what uni to buy. If you search the forum, you should find some info.

What type of riding do you want to do on it also how much to you weight?

I will be doing mostly street and trials. I want it to be a 20". I weigh around 125.

SELL YOUR WAKEBOARD? ARE YOU MAD!!? lol what kind is it? :thinking:

These are all very strong and in your price range:

Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Cycle (Out of Stock)
Price: $467.00

Onza 20-inch Trials Cycle

Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle (out of stock)
Price: $299.00

For a wee bit more you have:
United 20-inch Trials with Profile hub and Kris Holm Saddle
Price: $555.00
Yuni 20-inch Trials with Profile Hub
Price: $577.00

Personally I would go with the KH, It has the best strength/weight/price ratio.

But just get the one you have the money for, they are all very good. I have ridden all of them except the Onza

drewation SELL YOUR WAKEBOARD? ARE YOU MAD!!? lol what kind is it?

Its a Hyperlite-Juvi 131.

Here ya go

or check out krshin kennys post

he doesn’t need the second one with the crap square taper cranks.

Im not trying to be picky or rude but i would like a brand new one.

i was talkin about the summit