A clip of some UW'ing

Hey everyone, here’s a clip of me doing some ultimate wheeling.

(there is a curb drop into a muddy puddle)

It’s 30mb, I haven’t bothered compressing it any further. (and the camera work is quite shaky in parts)

Public service announcement…if your digicam makes movies with .mov…don’t get it. Had I taken this with my bro’s Sony, a) it would be 640x480 and b) it would be about 10mb

It’s the red homemade one, and it looks really cool as you pedal, 28 times cooler than the ‘disk’ UW’s

That is some awesome riding, Sofa. Whoa. But how come the wheel’s all wobbly? :smiley:

Seriously, nice riding. Nice turns and handling of the rough terrain. Are you getting into idling and backwards yet? I was just getting serious about UW when I did up my knee.

We have a really good UW rider at Unatics, David Bagley. He likes the circus idle and zig-zags through the skaters’ cones in Central Park. He also likes to ride UW off-road, but I haven’t seen that yet. There are also some other good riders, including 10 yo James (see our website). Perhaps our two clubs can set up exchange field trips sometime; this summer maybe?

Thanks Dave, I have not been able to idle yet, and have only gotten about 5 backwards pedals so far.

I’ve gotten a lot better at the UW since I got the BC and 2W…it’s nice to know I can figure out some of my toys :thinking:

ps…you’ll notice how long my arms are at my sides during the last scene :slight_smile:

As many riders as our club is getting, there seems to be only a few you can assume will travel at all.

Don’t worry Dave, I still have our original meeting pencilled in :wink: