A Chexjc Unishoot

I know my face looks retarded in some of these.

And I know…I’m wearing a fruity hat. I got it for Christmas.

Wow, you have the ability to unicycle on the wall of a browser window! I don’t know many people that can do that!

On a side note, that rim looks different than what I’m used to seeing on qu-ax unicycles. Did you put it there, or did qu-ax change the rims on their stock trials unicycles? Or am I actually just insane like everyone says I am?

Thats the rim that came on it…yea sorry I didn’t go through the effort of straightening the pictures. I imagine this thread will give a lot of people neck aches. Sorry :slight_smile:

Those are pretty cool pics!

Can you do magic tricks with your uni?:slight_smile:

sweet photos man, they are great.
you are better than me already.
Just wait untill i get a unicycle to ride again!

I loved the second last one

Those are pretty cool.

And yes, the Qu-Ax trials have had that rim for quite awhile now, it is MUCH wider then the old rim, and stronger too.

Haha I haven’t tried. I’ve played guitar on the uni once though.

Yea i like the second to last one too…too bad i can’t get back onto the uni from that position.

Anyone have specs for that rim? It looks REALLY wide.

The only numbers resembling a measurement on the rim are 381x38…i don’t know much about rims.