A cheap, speedy unicycle?


My new dream is a really fast unicycle that’s not over $150. Kind of a hard deal, but I was looking at the $89 Sun 28". I’m not concerned about strength because I will only be “cruising” on it, but my concern is whether it will be fast enough. How fast is it compared to a Coker? How fast is it compared to a 20"? How fast is it in MPH? Finally, what’s your opinion on it for a light cruiser (like going a few miles at max)? Thanks a ton!

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Re: A cheap, speedy unicycle?

Reid has one of these. He rode 26 miles on it last saturday, while I road my Coker. He actually left me behind at one point. I rode it about 1 mile of that while he completely left me behind on my Coker. He has had it for a while w/o a single problem. If your not abusing it and just riding, it’s a great deal.

Re: A cheap, speedy unicycle?

A Coker is faster. A bigger wheel is faster, a smaller wheel is slower. Crank length will make some difference, but generally not enough to overcome wheel size. The Sun is the cheapest thing you can get for going relatively fast.

For relatively short distances like that, I think you’ll like it a lot. The longer the ride, the more you’ll wish you have a Coker (or something bigger).

I have the Sun 28" and it’s great for cruising distances. I even took it on my first XC trail ride yesterday for about 4 miles in total. As long as you don’t do any heavy drops it will survive. The only thing I suggest is changing the seat as soon as you get it. It’s very uncomfortable. Here’s a picture of the trails I was riding.

greenbeltride 020.jpg

If the crank length is same and your keep a constant cadence then your speed on a 28" will be …your speed on a 20" multiplied by 28/20. Your speed on a Coker will be 1.5 times your speed on a 24".

Soooo, how fast would that be? How fast can the average Joe (me) go on a 20 incher?

That was answered but I really don’t know how fast you ride. I would assume that a normal person would leisurely do 10km/hr on a 24"/150mm setup. That would make it 15km/hr( a little less than 10 miles) on a Coker with 150mm cranks, a leisurely pace and similar cadence…On 28" that would be 7.29 miles an hour. If you push it a bit maybe, 10 miles an hour…Btw, none of this is top-speed…

Indiana has a ride called RAIN - Ride Across INdiana. It’s 160 miles. Start is at 6:00 AM. Official finish closes at 8:00 PM.

Is it Cokerable?

I think a good finish for a 36"/110mm setup for a 100miler would be 8 hours…But 160 miles, its possible…11.4 miles per hour should be the average speed which is do-able but for 14 hours… that will take some will…You’ll need a good crew to feed you along the way…I think its definitely possible.

the sun 28" looks nice for the price youre trying to spend. i would say get it and put slightly smaller stronger cranks on it (like nimbus X’s) and change the seat and youre set for a while. if you decide to up your max price, then i would seriously suggest the Yuni 29er, as it is a great deal and agood unicycle straight out of the box. dont even get me started about upgrades. really dont.

This like i have so humbly said before this is the king of cheap unis… here is my quote from what i said about it the product reveiws…

This unicycle is the Holy Grail off cheap unicycles. This unicycle will die if you take it off any jump higher than 6-7 inches. But I recommend this uni to everyone; its $65 and you fly like a moma. I leisurely did 19 miles in about 2 hours and I’m only 14 that’s how awesome this thing is.

But be warned you have to be TALL to ride this with the seat it comes with. I couldn’t do it and I’m 5’ 8". So I just used another seat no big deal. If you don’t have an extra seat all you need is a saw and saw off the bottom of the seat post, which is what I recently did.

But despite these few, fixable problems this uni ROCKS!!! BUY IT!!!

Chase POW

I am now 5 10 and it still would have been way to big for me. i just recently put some 89mm cranks on it and it probably go at least 15 mph. I dont think the seat over overly uncomfortable, but maybe im just tough:D . But a new seat would be really nice. tyler you will not be displeased if you buy this uni.

Oh yeah and i found it for 65$ but i dont think you will, you might, but dont get your hopes up, still knowing this uni i still would have bought it for 89$


Goto: http://home.austin.rr.com/ironjungle/uc_scr.html

Click on the screen shot to download the software.

I hate you for charging $5.

Let’s go back to the original question which relates to cheap unicycles and speed.

If price is your main criterion for choice, you may end up with an unsatisfactory unicycle. “Buy cheap, buy twice.” On the other hand, it is possible to upgrade most of the components as you go along.

If speed and distance are your thing, you won’t need a splined hub, so you’ll save money there.

So, any reputable uni with square tapers will do.

You then need to consider wheel size. Undoubtedly, bigger wheels go faster, and cruise faster for longer. On this basis, the Coker will usually be the fastest in terms of top speed and cruising speed. However, larger wheels can be cumbersome and the extra time spent slowing down or speeding up for obstacles can make the average speed lower over mixed terrain.

I own a Coker and a 28. I would set out tomorrow to ride 30 miles on the Coker, or 20 miles on the 28. That’s gut feeling. I’ve done 50+ on the Coker and 30+ on the 28. I’m a reasonably experienced rider, reasonably fit, but not in the league of some of the hard cases and nutters who post here!

There are other considerations: storing and transporting a Coker can be a problem. A Coker can be risky in crowds or heavy traffic. Tyres and tubes for 28s/29s are readily available in a variety of styles and sections. Cokers have only one option.

Nothing else is a Coker, but a 28 is a good cheap versatile choice.

Put shortish cranks on a 28 and it is possible to hit over 15 mph, although you’d be doing well to average 10 mph over a journey.

An extreme option would be a 24 with silly cranks on it. With 102 mm cranks, a 24 will go like poo off a spade for short distances, and can be ridden with moderate comfort for 20 miles or more.

Ok, I saw the sun comes with 150 cranks, so should I stick with those or get shorter ones? If I should get shorter ones, which ones (on www.unicycle.com - link please!) and which size? Thanks in advance!

Strangely, it is easier to use fairly short cranks on a big wheel than a small one - something to do with the smoothness of the bigger wheel. The only problem comes with stopping, idling, and hill climbing.

I ride my 28 on 110s - I’ve even off roaded in the forest and on mud with 110s - not with very lively success, I’ll grant you!

150s are for MUni, or for general purpose Cokering. Even 125s feel long on my 28.

There’s a question of personal taste and experience, as well as your local riding conditions. I’d definitely say that 150s will feel “plodding” on a 28 unless you are very very good at spinning fast. Cheap alloy cranks from unicycle dot com cost about as much as a pizza and a beer, so you’re not committing yourself for life when you buy.

If you are a confident rider, go for 110s; if you are just fairly confident, go for 125s.

As your priorities are cheapness and speed (rather than hard riding and robustness) just buy the bog standard ones for now.

Just a suggestion - but I own and ride 20,24,26,28 and 36, and own 89,102,110,125 and 150 cranks (and once had 170s) so I know whereof I speak.

I would say the longest you should go for is 110’s. You can always get 2 pair of the inexpensive ones (torker, united) and have one pair (102’s or 89’s) for speed and one pair (125’s) for whatever other applications you have. However, I’d try not to do this as frequent crank switching will wear down your tapers fast.

I have 125s on my 29" Yuni, a slightly more expensive uni you might consider for strength–you will get bigger in the next few years… Another advantage is that it takes both a 28 or 29" tire–with some nice choices there, and 29 cruises better than a 28".

You’ll notice that people have cranks as short as 89s.

Short cranks create difficulty in starting, stopping and the of course they are dangerous to ride on the crowded sidewalks or through hallways on your way to class. The advantage is that you get a lot more speed.

I don’t think you can get Sun to give you other cranks anyway, so try the 150s, and them try something shorter if you feel comfortable.



Yeah i rode with the 150’s for several monthes just fine, but when i swithced to the 89’s recently i could barely self mount, i can now but for the first few days i had some trouble, i still cant idle so i just went back to using the hop technique, and its a really strain on your legs, like your just leaning how to ride, but once you get use to them its super awomse…


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