A canadian unicycling association?

Hello all!

My Name is Michael, call me mike, and I’m approximatelly a level four unicyclist. I’ve been accepted to the quebec school of circus arts, spetializing in unicycling and juggling, and I’m working as a unicycling instructor and secretary for the schools unicycling club. I would like to begin networking with other unicycling groups to expand the clubs horisons and attract more people to the sport. I’ve checked out the unicon XIII wite and decided that I could probably find unicycling events closer than switzerland.

I want to know if there is such a thing as a canadian unicycling championships, UNICON style? Is there such a thing as a canadian unicycling federation?
If not, seeing as there are by and far enough unicyclists in canada to form one (the toronto unicyclists seem quite organized and we invade ottawa regularly), let’s! I’m thinking our first event could be sometime early next summer, before unicon 13.

How many people would:

  1. Participate in a canadian unicycling championships (unicon style -whatever that means), even if it meant traveling across the country,
  2. Organize local teams for a group freestyle event,
  3. Help organize a canadian unicycling championships unicon style,
  4. Think that it would work?