A bunch of questions;dx frame,tires,seat

Okay,iv’e got a couple of questions and instead of making several different threads ill just do em’ all at once.I really need help.

Question # 1Im looking to turn my 2004 Torker dx into more of a MUni…can i buy the 2005 24" dx frame anywere?if so,were?

If not,what other frame would fit(if any)that would be wider for a wider tire?

Question # 2 if i could buy the 2005 dx frame,Id be looking for a more MUni tire for it.Iv’e heard somthing about a 3" tire that would fit,wich one is it?Is it …good?what other tires would be good for cheap?

Question # 3(most impotantly) I noticed on my new 2005 torker dx 20’’ “trials” that on the seat post brackets(?)the bolts under the seat)there are 3 washers on the front ones,2 in back and the nuts were all loose.Loose enough to fall off.I tighened them back up,took off the top washer and replaced it with a lock washer.In doing so i discoverd that at least one BOLT(i didnt want to check the others for fear of breaking it worse)was also loose,loose enough to be wiggled around in a circle. This thing is only a week and a half old and the seat post bolts are wiggling.I mean, I would expect it to be stronger than that.This seat not been dropped ONCE.The hardest thing i did to it was a 2 1/2 foot drop.

Why is the seat bolt loose?What can i do about it?Why does it come with washers on it?Is the dx seat really this cheap?the same thing happened to my old old schwin seat,the one that didnt even have bumpers.Why is it happening to my brand new seat?

Thanks for your help,hope you can understand that huge ramble.

I have no idea about the 2005 Torker frame, but I would suggest getting a 26 inch YUni frame. It will fit any 24 inch tire and (I think) it’s lighter then the Torker frame. You can get it from unicycle.com. The only problem you will have is that the seat post from the Torker will not fit it. I would get the GB4 post (also from unicycle.com) to replace the Torker post. The GB4 post is stronger then the Torker, it is angled for a more comfy ride, and it can accept a standard bolt pattern (like your Torker DX), or a Miyata patterned seat.

As for your “broken seat”, do the bolts spin or just wiggle? If they spin, you have a problem. If they just wiggle, that’s normal because they are not actually anchored to anything in the seat. They are just carriage bolts which have a square section by the head that fit in a square hole in the seat base.

Will the yuni frame fit the dx bearings?hmmm.I dont have a whole lotta money,i dunno.i might wait.

They dont spin,they just wiggle a lot.Thats normal?!?really?so,its okay?