A Broken moment

An hour into a ride in Sherwood Forest, and now tired, still 15 minutes from the car park, I pull into a clearing and stop.

Ahead of me, the path descends gradually, with a band of heather to each side, then neat rows of conifers. To my right, the path climbs slightly, and there is a wide swathe of damp autumnal grass stalks, with a haze of fine seed heads. To my left the path is similar, but descending towards broad leaf woodland.

All is quiet, and I stand for a few minutes, my light is off, and the trees are silhouetted against the darkening sky. In the twilight, I can see a mist gently forming over the grass, hanging low, almost invisible, almost ghostly.

Then I hear the birdsong: a distant crow caws, other birds chirp and sing, each note cutting sharply through the tranquility.

As I stand there, I know I am no more than a mile or two from the car park, and similar distance from the nearest village, but it feels as if I am alone in the heart of a huge forest. I savour the moment.

The temperature falls perceptibly as the sun sinks over the horizon. The silver moon, almost full, sails across a hazy sky. I see my breath hanging in the air, and vapour gently rising from the sweat I have worked up in an hour’s hard riding

It is in moments like this that unicycling is more than an activity, and becomes something spiritual.

Then suddenly, cutting harshly across the silence I hear the crass jangled notes of “O Sole Mio” played by a distant ice cream van. “Just one Cornetto…” and the moment is broken.

And for those of you who thought this would be a post about an equipment failure - you should know me better than that. I would have used a capital M for “Moment” in the title.:wink:

Definitely got me. I was indeed expecting a broken Moment, also referred to as a b.M.

And I thought the Sheriff of Nottingham was going to ride in and string you up for Robin’ the rich to give to the poor.

I mean this in the best way when I say, “you NEED a blog”.

I would pay a subscription fee to read posts like this one more often. You encapsulate emotions that many of us could only wish to experience, and very eloquently I might add. Another great post Mike.

It’s as if your whole moment was suddenly taken away, just like the lady’s ice cream in the tv ad :smiley:

Nice writing (as always), but damn I was really hoping for a broken crank arm story.

Somebody HAS to have bent or snapped onr by now. . .

Could’ve been worse.

Could’ve been the Popeye theme tune.

I do. I knew Mikefule is not the kind of guy that would break a Moment crank unless a car or other heavy machinery was involved. :smiley:

And thanks to Stag for commercializing Mikefule’s serene moment. It’s funny how today there seems to always be a Youtube clip for every occasion, no matter how obscure.

I have had similar zen-like moments on the trail. Thanks for describing the feeling so artfully.

Touching indeed…

Reminded me of something similar I experienced this summer. As a beginner, I finally decided to check out our local trail. It’s a defunct railroad track turned into a paved path for walkers, bikers etc… I loved it and instantly decided it was my new favorite place to ride. Then I learned it connected with our town’s beautiful large park. Unicycle Heaven! That day I rode and rode and rode.

When I came back home for lunch, I looked out the window and noticed the blue sky, white clouds and green grass looked more vibrant and beautiful than ever thru that window. I then realized I had some serious endorphins flowing thru my body from my experience. Fantastic! I wish I could achieve that natural state again but I learned long ago that rare moments of bliss like that cannot usually be repeated. One can only hope to cultivate new ones.