A Brief Ride Write-up: Downtown Oswego

I thought I’d give a brief writeup of the ride I went on yesterday. My gf inisted on going tanning (which I am very opposed to), so I figured I’d tag along and ride into the city (of Oswego N.Y.). I had her drop me off along a bridge. The weather was about 70*F, so tons of people where out. The last time I took a ride in the city, people were cruel. I had horns honked at me, things thrown/shouted at me, and only a few positive comments. This time, I had nothing thrown at me :smiley: It must’ve been the weather that put everyone in a good mood. Only 20 ft into my ride I was stopped by a man unchaining his bike. He asked me a couple of questions about how long I’ve been riding, is it hard, etc…and then said “I broke my neck a few years back and they told me I’d never walk again…so to see you do that is phenomenal.” I think he may have been a bit ‘slow,’ but regardless, that was very inspiring.

EDIT: I’m riding my Qu-ax 20" Trials btw…anxiously awaiting the Coker in the mail.

Immediately after ending that conversation, another man, walking out of his store asked “Is that hard?” and “How far can you ride?” I wasn’t sure how to answer that, I said “Idk…I’ve ridden to Wal-mart” Haha. I carried on up W 1st Street and passed a girl who stared at me blankly and shouted “COOL” from a few feet away. About 100 yards up the rode I found the greatest trials run ever. I was hopping ledges to benches to these conveniently located platforms for about 10 minutes until I realized I was riding outside the police station :o . I then passed two young skateboarders and insisted that they buy unicycles. They told me I am “Gnarley.” heh heh.

Then I decided to cross the bridge (one of the few)…where I took this picture of a parallel walkway:

I headed back down towards the main road and passed an old man sitting hin his car who gave me a thumbs up. I felt a little uncomfortable as a pack of BMXers rode past, but strangely, no one said anything. Next I headed for the docks…lots of weird looks from Fisherman. The docks were pretty, but kinda boring, so I headed back to mainstreet again. I found a huge staircase which i hopped up - leading to an abandoned Price Chopper. It was at this point that I realized I forgot to take my heart medication and should ride a little lighter haha (I have a minor heart condition (WPW) that triggers tachacardia during intense physically activity…like unicycling…but it’s under control if I remember to take the meds). I crossed mainstreet into a park, where I heard tons of people say “look…a unicycle”, “look ____, a unicycle!” and “DAD, I see the unicycle!”.

I find that motorcyclists give me strange looks. My gf proposed that they probably thinks it’s the lamest thing ever. Seeing as how they are so ‘bad ass’. I met up with my gf at the Byrne Dairy a little ways down the road.

I’d go more into detail, but I’m writing this in my philosophy class (which I’m failing) which is ending soon :D. Afterwards, we chilled down by the rocks on the shore of Lake Ontario to watch the sunset…which is supposed to be the 2nd nicest on the east coast or something like that. Here, have a look.

Nice photos.

I’m a bad ass motorcyclist and I don’t think unicycling is lame. A proper motorcyclist - I’ve done well over 1,000 miles in the last couple of weeks, and much of it on narrow back lanes with grass growing up the middle.

Maybe the ones who treat you with contempt only ride 20 miles to the nearest poseurs’ gathering, pose, then ride back.

I think walking with a bad leg is lame, though.:wink:

Thanks for the feedback Mike. I hope someday to write a write-up as good as yours lol.

Nice ride writeup and nice pics. Take your heart meds and get on that Philosophy homework.

Haha thanks. Yea I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail philosophy…

I have tons of family in Oswego, I lived there back in the late 60s and have not been back since although I do talk to some of my aunts and uncles back there. Hopefully I will make it back some day soon.

Robert Allen

Oh really? Cool. Let me know if you’re ever up here. Make sure to bring a uni.