A brake question

I was talking to the guys that work in the bike shop I’m sponsored by and they said they had never seen a brake mount like the one on the Nimbus 36 frame. They looked in their catalog an found the Magura HS33 brakes and they don’t use the same mounting mechanism that is on my uni. Is there something about the UDC Magura brakes that is different about the ones that the bike shop could order for me? I was looking to find an adapter too as another way to do it.

They’re brake mounts used by trials bikes. Look in catalogs that carry trials bike parts. Look at web shops that sell trials bike parts. If the bike shop doesn’t deal with any trials bike stuff it is not likely that they would have seen that style of brake mount before.

make sure you don’t get the evo 2 mounts, get the regular old magura mounts. Evo 2 mounts are for v-brake studs.

show the bike shop the picture on the UDC website.

There is a picture on page 53 of the downloadable 2008 catalog on the Magura website but I couldn’t find a part number

You can also get them if you buy the Magura braze on kit but then you are paying more for extra parts you don’t need.


If you want some fancy shmancy CNC ones:

here’s the standard mounts from trialsin