a bozo seat story.

I have three uni’s and four seats. Sounds straight forward, except that one of the seats is an original KH with the spinning bolt problem…grrrrrr… That seat was on my MUni for a while but then I got the beatiful bedford/kh seat that you saw me post pix of earlier this week. So onto the lightweight 29’er goes the old MUni seat. But alas, the seat feels less comfortable than the newer ones… so why not just try get it off the post and put a new edition seat on the lovely, speedy ‘Gazelle’?
Well of course, a logical plan …

and first three bolts come off fine… BUT then, the last bolt, of course the LAST bolt…spins!

Nothing getting the nut off. I remove the seat cover, partially, the foam is dense, I can barely get some pliers between it and the seat base. The round head of the carriage bolt will not be clutched in any way by any style of plier. I AM STUCK!

The story is getting long…lets finish without too much pain…I use the post to lever the seat right out of its plastic seat base…only to find that the post is indeed not very strong and the base with slots for the bolts has gotten bent in the process…sigh…double sigh… It was, afterall the post I needed to use for the other seat.

So on to trying to get the post base back to the correct angle. Not easy for one with few tools and not workspace and a sad lack of practical problem solving.

Enough excitment for one day… I haven’t test ridden the new seat on the re-bent post yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

… now I have one damaged old edition KH and, possibly, one misshappen seat post …d’OH!

I just had to share this tale of woe with someone who might understand…thanks for ‘listening’.

(andyone want to trade an old KH with three bolts for a seat post… … :wink: )

i had the same problem i took the whole seat apart and converted it to an air seat. my foam was not so dense in fact it crumbled and powdered and rendered itsself usless but not before i also busted up a seatpost to get it off. after all that i pounded the plate back into submission.

a hammer and a concrete floor is what i used.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 to fix a KH seat with a spinning bolt.

1 - remove cap on nut if it is still on with some pliers. Just squeeze it until it pops off.

2 - Use a Drumel cut-off wheel and slot the bolt
just enough to get a flat screwdriver blade in.

3 - Put a wrench on the nut, a screwdriver in the slot and turn the wrench.

No problem, no swearing, no damage, no pain…

If you don’t have a Drumel rotory tool. Get one,
they are awesome and you will use it for many other things besides unicycles.

You don’t even need to put a nut on that spinning
bolt. 3 is more than enough to hold that seat on.

Both of you know better than brute force when dealing with unicycle issues.
Call the unicycle Doctor at 416-729-9696

Take it easy,

ha, ha, ha… thanks for those tips Darren and hfh.

Yes, I tink I’ll have to invest in one of those dremmel tools…just run across it as a necessary part of repair strategies too often!

yuo could also drop by my house I have a dremmel

i donno bruit force and ignorance produced a might fine air seat if i do say so my self.

:slight_smile: LOL, nice one hfh!

Re: a bozo seat story.

> (andyone want to trade an old KH with three bolts for a seat post…
> … :wink: )

sure, will you take one of those short little stubbie ones that comes
on Cokers? what color is it?

did you buy a 29er already? cause i’ll have a wheel for sale soon.

Re: Re: a bozo seat story.

Yeah I’ve got a wheelset coming from Darren, thanks anyhow.

oh well. im sure i’ll get you on my sold to list somday. now what about that seat?

Yeah I’m sure you’ll be my west coast uni parts supplier some time soon.

Ah heck given hfh’s idea, maybe I’ll keep the seat in case I feel brave enough sometime to try to convert it to an airseat.