A bloody STUPID Coker brake question here!

I had put A-brake on my Coker for over a month now and thought I did a good job, then I see this photo from UDC (the Radial) which clearly shows the brake is on on the back. Now I have my brake on the ‘front.’ So the STUPID question is which side should the brake be on? Front or back?

If it’s suppose to be on the back, man I’m going to feel bloody STUPID!


this way it pushes the brake into the frame.

on the front it would try to pull the brake away from the frame which isnt good.

i dont think it will matter that much but it is supposed to be on the back

On bikes the brake is fitted infront of the front fork, as you have done.

Generally brakes on Uni’s are fitted to the rear as this reduces the chance of a knee hitting the brake pad onto the rim. However if you are not hitting the brakes with your legs when riding you shouldn’t have a problem.


The front wheel of a bike has the brake on the front and the back wheel has it on the back. So it simply depends on if your unicycle is a front or back wheel :).

Putting the brake on the back makes it a little less in the way, but whatever works for you, it doesn’t matter.