a bit of wrong info

sorry mr.foss but in this artical http://www.unicycle.com/educationarticledetail.asp?CatID=5&ID=37 it says a 20" uni is used… i always thought the rim was 19" just though… cause the freestyle 20" tyres don’t fit on the 19" rims :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

I think John is right in calling it a 20" wheel still. Yes the tire and rim are 19" but I believe they are still called 20" I dont know why this is, perhaps the outside diamater is the same as that of a 20" because of the increaded tire sidewall.

20" refers to the diameter of the tyre not the rim. It is still only approximate but a Monty/Onza tyre should be about 20" in diameter but because they are deeper they require a smaller (in diameter) rim than say a freestyle tyre.


its just i went out and bought a freestyle tyre for my uni and it didn’t fit! i was just really pissed off and was just bein’ a smart ass