A Birthday Hi(gh)

Hello on my 50th, a great day so far.
Here are a couple pics from my short (but frickinnn) awesome ride this afternoon.
Independence Pass, Co.
Now off to the big event, yahooooooo




wow that first pic is cool
Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! What a great way to spend your Birthday. I really like your first picture.

Happy birthday Mike!

Fixed that picture for you.

Awesome pictures! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

EDIT: There’s 50 “!” in my post:p

Happy Birthday Mike!

I still have that cool pic of you and your daughter riding down a ski slope as my laptop desktop. Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Mike! Looks like you spent it well.

Mike: it looks like we share the same birthday… what about coming to the Pyrénées and share some birthday riding in the coming years … (except that I am unable to ride big ascents like you … :frowning: )
edit: no I checked you are from the 9 and I am from the 10th so that will make 2 days of celebrations§

Your welcome, thats great, it is one of my favs as well.

I watched the LaVuelta this year, and was shaking at those mountains, I would love riding there, wow-steep!!!

Thanks to all for the great bd wishes, it was my favorite bd yet, except my son was not there to experiance it, he is studying at college.

Here are a couple of pics from another ride I did during my bd weekend, this one MUni. Get out and ride.


MUni is best when you can bring your friend :smiley:

Happy day!
Beautiful ride.


Happy Birthday! I hope I’m as good as you when I turn the big 5 0. Best of luck on the year to come.
Very cool pictures…I always check out your threads as I know you’ll have some amazing shots.

Happy Birthday Mike!

I love clicking your threads; I know there will always be amazing mountain photos in them. Enjoy.


about the pyrénées

stay tuned on the “tour de France” next year: it will criss-cross all the important roads of the Pyrénées (including my favourite spot: port de Balès which I dream to climb with a unicycle -20km of romantic riding-).

Happy Birthday Mike. How are those tri-drilled Kookas working out for you. Do you find you utilize the different lengths much?