A biker drafting a one footing unicyclist?!?

So there I was riding down a hill (paved) technically a road, but it’s just on the property of a park, very low trafficked.

This will be a fine time to ride one footed down this long hill. I’m going, near the side of the road, cars and anything could pass if they wanted, or if there were any around.

I got going too fast, lost control and hopped off. (you know the one footed hop off where the unicycle just drops where it is and you take a few running steps)

Pow! Wow, that was a loud crash I thought to myself, as I turn around and see a road cyclist lying on the ground beside my uni.

I asked if he was ok, but made no apologies. He wasn’t mad or anything, but his friend was pissed. He goes, ‘You should really be more careful.’

‘I was being careful,’ I reply, ‘It’s not like I was drafting behind somebody riding one footed on a unicycle’

I start riding away as they gather themselves up, about 2 minutes later they pass me on the flat (me still riding one footed, perhaps out of spite)

‘Stay way left of the unicyclist’ the faller said as they rode past me.

‘that’s the best idea I’ve heard from you yet,’ I reply.

Luckily he nor his bike appeared to have been hurt, but how dumb.

Re: A biker drafting a one footing unicyclist?!?

TUT, you should have been gliding! :stuck_out_tongue:


Bike riding behind unicycle

That is really weird, I have never experienced such a thing. Did you know he was behind you? And did you pass him first or did he catch up to you and slow down to watch? I am guessing he was tailgating you on purpose to see how far you could go, which is a pretty stupid thing to do unless you are a safe distance in front or to one side.

Usually I either pass bicyclists if they are really slow and gain ground on them, or they pass me and they put distance between me and them. Especially downhill, bicyclists have a massive advantage in speed while riding downhill.

When I first started to learn one footed riding with the foot on the frame (I learned foot extended before that), I had one of my most painful Unicycle accidents ever. I was doing my longest one foot ride, which at the time was only about three hundred meters, but I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I was making progress. Suddenly I fell, and I landed hard on the road, with my foot tucked underneath me. The top of my left foot hit the road (the foot that was on the crown) and my full weight landed on it with my buttock, folding my foot backwards awkwardly. I limped off the road and had to sit down for what seemed like five minutes waiting for the pain to go away so I could ride home.

I had no idea he was behind me, so I don’t know what he was doing.

I just turned around to pick up the uni and remount, but there was a crashed cyclist in my way!
I was quite puzzled

No matter how much I don’t practice gliding…I STILL can’t do it!

Hey! Didn’t you get banged up on your Coker just a few threads back? You’ve been busy. Glad to hear you’re doing well enough to take out a common sense challenged bicyclist.

Re: A biker drafting a one footing unicyclist?!?

For all 1-footed tricks: Non-unicyclists don’t see that you are doing something different than normal riding, and don’t know that you are not so stable.

I’m sure you would have laughed at them if they would have been very careful when you rode normally with both feets on the pedal :slight_smile:

Cool crash report, though; very funny.


I can’t stay away :frowning:

I find your post doubly humorous as it comes a day after seeing a huge Tour de France pileup on TV last night!

Odd that you didn’t hear the bike behind you, as the freewheel should have been clicking. They may have just been catching up to you at the time, which makes them a little less dumb.

Everyone should know not to follow too close behind a unicyclist, especially other unicyclists. But that’s not the case. It even happens to me sometimes, when I’m riding on a trail and realize I keep getting too close to the person in front of me. You never know, especially on a trail.

In MUni racing it’s even more important. You can’t afford to lose the time in a dismount, so don’t draft your opponents! If there’s a person in front of you, watch closely what they’re doing. If you can see potential dismount spots in time, you have a chance of passing while they remount. Assuming you can clear the same obstacle…

i have a theory that drafting a unicycle causes a shift in the wind around that unicycle which throws his balance off and causes the wreck of both riders. (i’m only half joking)

before i was wiser (about 3 weeks ago), i was on a coker drafting another coker when both of us went down. i don’t do that anymore.


uni/bike crash

something a bit like that happened 2 me coz there’s this little alley thing down from this car park and it comes out onto the town i was happily riding along and i didn’t look and i crashed right into a guy on a bikehe fell off so did i luckily he didn’t really get angry he just said watch where yr going i said sorry u ok + that was all