A better saddle handle / bumper

I realized recently that standard seat bumpers / handles don’t make sense to me. My majority use for the front saddle handle is actually pushing down and forward, not pulling up. Both the Kris Holm solid bumpers and standard ones (though slightly better) are primarily designed for pulling up on, which is crucial for jumps and many maneuvers, but opposite of what I normally want.

Normally I’m not jumping or standing on the pedals but simply riding and leveraging the seat forward so the back of the seat rests on my sit bones instead of in my crotch, and pushing down to put weight into my arms while taking it off my butt.

I would like a nice sunken area for my palm to fit into, so I can naturally apply forward and downward force with my hand, without an awkward grip that is currently required. Would anybody else find this natural, or do I have weird riding posture?

usually people will just pick up a handlebar for pushing. The farther you move the handlebar out, the less pressure you’ll have to use to get in that sitting position you’re looking for. I use the standard handle for pushing downward when I don’t have the handlebar mounted. The handle now fits the curvature of your hand.

KH Bar
Coker Pi Bar
Qu Ax just came out with one.

couple of options.

I do agree, a few different plastic handle options may not be a bad idea, but nobody makes anything yet. It would just be a little 15 dollar piece of plastic too.

Exactly what I had in mind. I don’t want a substantial component; I have a simple minimalist unicycle. I’m imagining just a plastic handle that sticks forward maybe a few more inches than the KH with a comfortable place for a palm to push down and forward.

I thought similar when I saw how people (as well as KH’s setup recommendations on his site) have their T-bar right up to the saddle (replacing the plastic front bumper completely by removing it). Why not just make a saddle bumper of a similar shape?

You could try a t-bar setup lwhere the handles are just where the plastic handle is normally. Just like the last picture of page 1 in this document.

What needs to happen is for Scott Wallis to start making his handles again.


Or for someone to license the design and make them for him.

(Yes, I emailed Scott a while back asking “When?” and his response, while polite, was non-committal.)

Interesting handle, never seen anything like it…have you riden with one of those yourself?

I seem to remember Terry the Unigeezer having one on one of his MUnis, maybe he could chime in? :roll_eyes:

They do look cool, not sure I like the look of the metal curved bar coming out the front as well though. Just the carbon fibre handle I think I’d like though :smiley: Do they do ambidextrous versions? (Or DID they?)

Anybody have a GB4? Dunno whatever happened to those. I never got the opportunity to find one…

I have decided for my liking the normal grab handle positions your hand in an awkward way.

A similar idea to bar ends on a MTB I feel like having my hand turned 90 degrees gives me much more control over the uni. I can pull up on the handle quite easy or rest my weight on it. I only ride muni and have decided to just go with a right handle. If i want to ride with both hands it works great to hold the saddle handle with my left hand. Also as a bonus breaking is very easy(no star fighter required) :slight_smile:

Jacob Flans made a handle in that style a while back. Maybe you can get him to build you one if he ever starts making stuff again.

Yep, I’ve had mine (“Death grip” handle) for a good 8 years, and it’s on its last legs. I also contact Scott from time to time, and coincidentally enough, I posted on my FB about it and asking how I might “clone” mine by making a mold of it, pouring in epoxy lined with fiberglass cloth. I also emailed Scott earlier today asking when and if he might restarrt production, or if he might have any NOS laying around. We’ll see. I know there is a demand for them for sure, two of which are a couple of riding buddies.

Edit: Scott had told me that when/if he started making them again that they would be made to fit the KH base. Mine fits the miyata (cf) base that I bought from Scott at the same time as the death grip. Also he made them for left & right handed riders, but not a straight curve.

Nope, I can’t remember ever seeing a straight curve :thinking:

Yeah, because they don’t make 'em! Or round squares! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nifty. I was just considering a line as an arc with an infinite radius. Still a curve, pretty darn straight.

A straight line is “the shortest distance between two points” whilst a line as an arc with an infinite radius is an infinitely longer distance between two points and any appearance of being straight is down to perspective. :roll_eyes:

Nope, I see no straight curves there. I see the ends of straight lines being aligned as points to form curves. But the curves are curved. :roll_eyes:

Since you’re talking perspective remember that we live on a sphere. Which means that the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line but curved along with the earth.

Nope, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The shortest distance between the North Pole and South Pole would be a line going through the centre of the earth. The shortest available route for travelling purposes is to circumnavigate.

Rail roads and highways often pass through tunnels etc., which have been cut through mountains and hills to facilitate a straighter more direct route. :slight_smile: