A Beginner's Unicycle Blog

^This is my blog of learning to unicycle

:slight_smile: enjoy, I will keep updating it

p.s. If this isn’t the right place for this post, someone feel free to move it

Welcome Splodge. What kind of unicycle are you riding? I’m wondering because the first time I attempted to ride on grass I fell flat. When I got my fat tire MUni (Nimbus 24) I could do grass easily. Now that I have some experience under me (3.5 months) I can ride on grass with my original unicycle (20" Torker) but it isn’t easy. My favorite rides are hills, paved or dirt. Your progression is very good. You will be going distances before long. Keep it up.

Umm I’m new to unicycling so I don’t really know the exact type I have :slight_smile: I know its a 20" ‘beginner’s’ unicycle, and the tyre looks quite thin…

EDIT: I’ve just looked it up on hte website (www.unicycle.com) and apparently its a Dodger.
What does that mean? :slight_smile:

Hi, Splodge, your progress is very good. Keep it up!

it’s definitely not the beginner uni I would have picked, but it should do you. Be sure to get a new one once you can ride pretty well though.

That means it’s one of Roger’s Dodgers. :slight_smile:

It said it was for beginners…and since I had absolutely no idea about unicycling :S

Hey splodge88,

I’m just starting out and created a blog too! (see signature below)

Here are some instructions for embedding that youtube link into your blog, if you’re interested:

Good luck!

Awesome! I am looking for unicycle blogs and have stumbled upon this thread. I know this is already years ago and you guys are probably good at unicycling now. I am also thinking about creating a blog or website like this but of course, not about my unicycling journey but about unicycling articles, learning, experiences, etc. where people can guest post if they like by submitting through the contact forms.

I’ll create a website soon using the hPage website builder. In case anyone else wants to have their own free website, you can check out the site.
Here: Create a free website - hPage.com