A BC Problem.

Well, even though i said i couldnt/wouldnt bc for a while, i have been, i kinda had to relearn it but iv got it down now, yet i have hit a bump in the road to sucsess. I am running a Bedford Deluxe BC wheel, the problem lays on those Damned bolts that stick out. I riped a hole in my shoes today mounting, so i went and got a brand new pair, tryed a couple mounts and can see the sides of my shoes starting to fray, so i stoped. I have tryed sevral things, iv made lil aluminum plates on the sides, those didnt work, iv tryed plexi glass plates on the side of my shoe, those didnt work. I even tryed straping foam to the bolts, still not sucsess. I saw that Jes Regiel cut hit bolts down about holf of what they normaly are, i wonder if that would help my case? I am also having alot pf pain on the sides of my feet, about ever 1 in 5-6 mounts il hit my feet really hard and get bruises, to fix that i have been sticking foam inside my shoes to cushin my feeet, but that still dosnt help the fact that i rip my shoes. I was pondering makeing a pair of bc wheel plates with no extending bolt, meerly having a short axle and having the bolt inboard of the plates, people have told me that those bolts are the main grip for hoping but for the little hopping i have done, i think it can be just as easly aghived by squezing your feet on the plates, possibly having some grip tape on the side/vertical part of the plate, or maybe even having a small stip of metal that sticks out about 1-2mm for grip. Any help is apresiated.



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I made my own bc wheel as you can see in this thread.


Today after trying it somemore i went and cut off about half an inch of the axle, and grinded it down. It works pretty good. But i don’t know if you want to ruin your actual bc wheel. Since mine was just scrap pieces i didn’t really care.

Peace, Kelly.

Here is a short video of me BC wheelin, its titled “Movie 0020”

The Bedford BC wheel I tried the other day had footplates that were only a little bit below the axle (like just far enough down to get a wrench around the axle nuts). This helps a lot, because the nuts aren’t nearly as high up your foot as they might be on a different plate system.

I also chewed up a near-new pair of shoes jumping on my own BC wheel, practicing for my 2 seconds in the next Dan Heaton video.

The first thing you should do is cut off any axle that sticks out beyond your axle nuts. Just cut it when the thing is assembled. Then you’ll clean the threads the next time you unscrew the nuts. Then, if you’re still having problems, cover the whole nut area with tape or something until it’s rounded off or buried. Also, learn to jump on without ever touching the nuts. Yeah, right. That hasn’t worked well for me either…

Sort of a thread jack but i have another bc problem, one of the bolts holding the platform on is stuck. I have tried to get it off and i have even tried jumping on the wrench and the platform opposite ways and it still doesnt budge, when i do it by hand with wrenches the bolt one on the other side unscrews before the stuck on comes off, i took it to a bike shop and the guy there couldnt take it off either. any suggestions?

Considering other things you had gone wrong, your proly turning it the wrong way:D :smiley: :smiley:


When problems like this acur, remember “Lefty Losey, Righty Tighty”

Jeff Groves was in my shop a couple days ago
and we were talking about ways to cushion the bolts on the side of the plates.

He now has got a few things to try out. He has bought some cane feet or rubber table leg feet.

He is going to be trying out those and a few other things as he is brusing his feet as well. He rides a lot more than most people I’m sure.

He can bunny hop onto the top of a picnic table and drop off the other side on a BC wheel.
He is mostly riding a Bedford Trials BC wheel with Pro Platforms now.

Without the bolts it would be very difficult to hop. I have a design for boltless platforms but
you need them for most tricks.

Without the bolts may be easier to learn or to try it but you would eventually want them anyway.

I will make one without the bolts and let people try it and see what they think of it.

Ryan has a Bedford Trials BC wheel now too.
I’m sure you will see of hear about new and wild things being done by Ryan soon.

Enjoy the ride,

P.S. Bedford BC wheels built before 2005 use old
wheels and platforms.
2005 models have improved a lot.

Try some Shoe Goo on the end of the axle to smooth it out and cushion it. You could even put it all the way over the bolt, and then just peel it off if you needed to unscrew it.

Shoe goo? never heard of it, i was thinking of useing those caps that are on th3 end of crutches!

Oh, Shoe Goo is great stuff. http://www.weplay.com/Shoe/Goo/, but you should be able to get it at any hardware store or cobbler. It’s basically a really sticky, rubbery rubber cement. You can use it to fix shoes (it fills gaps as well as sticking pieces together), but it’s got plenty of other uses.

Any pics of 2005 Bedford BC whells??

Hey John, How well did those plates work? The ones with the bolts just off the bottom of the plates. Could you still grip for hopping?


Are the platforms splined or threaded onto the spindle.If they are held on by double nuts,would it be possible to thread the platforms(insert and weld a nut flush) and use locking nuts from the inside.
A pic would be good.

As Darren said I’ve tried riding with cane feet on my nuts (i know that sounds bad), and I think that’s the best thing you can do to avoid bruising your feet. I’ve been riding with them for a couple of month now and my feet haven’t been bruised since. I’ll post a photo of the cane feet on my BC wheel in a day or two.


iv been really trying to get the BC down, i can ride aobut 500ft now on flat ground, da prob is if i start going fast i have to bail cause i cant risk a high speed crash. those cane feet sound like a god idea, can you link us to a page that has the ones you got? alsp waht is the hight of your plates? i dont know if it would work with mine.

i saw what jeff did to his BC wheel tonight at club. its exactly like how they described. you know like old-people canes? if you go to drug stores you can get these non-slip rubber ends for them (i used to work in a drugstore so i know i could get them there).

jeff basically got two and cut the ends off (The part that would hit the floor) and basically had little rubber circles around the bolts.

while i can’t actually BC wheel, i tried it & it’s loads more comfy than last time i tried with the bolts digging into the tops of my shoes. (i think i bruised a foot last time i tried)

but this is some fun stuff.

anyone else still waiting for the pix :wink: