A bad habit?

Greetings one and all!
Just practicing on my unicycle, able to fit in about half an hour to an hour a day, which I think is reasonable amount so far, definatly increase during the holidays -grin-.
But yes, to the main point. As I’ve been practicing I’ve started having this habit of holding onto the front of the seat with my right hand.
I get into position infront of a wall, hold the seat with one hand and push off into oblivion with the other. Is this a bad habit? Will I face fire and brimstone for even mentioning it? Or is it a preference thing that others have tried and it works well?

So far I can get “about” 3 pedals before I go boom, then I just start again :slight_smile: .

it’s cool man, whatever gets you the most saddle time is best at first. when you can ride for an extended period of time you will begin to understand what is essential and what can be dispensed with. with luck you’ll forget about how difficult it was to begin to learn to ride and be able to give out general advice and hope it proves useful as i do:)

good luck and have fun!!

I would say whilst learning you are better off with your arms free to help ballence, once you get the hang of that and you dont need to flap your arms about to stay upright theres no reason not to place your hand on the saddle.

When you start jumping and doing tricks you have to hold the saddle with one or both hands anyway so not needing them to ballence isnt a bad thing.

A lot of new unicyclists tend to wave both arms around when learning but i think whatever is the most comfortable for the individual person. Example : Some peolpe use a wall/rail to learn on, and other prefer to just launch into oblivion (like me). Then as they get better and more balanced then they can ride without the arms out and hold the seat. Just a personal choice. Just keep at it and I don’t think you’ll have a problem.